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"Survivor: Gabon" - September 25, 2008 episode - season premiere

This season of "Survivor" is set in Gabon, Africa. The two oldest members of the tribe, Bob and Gillian are chosen as tribe leaders. They each choose a team member, who each in turn choose another team member until everyone is picked. Michelle has the distinction of being the last one picked.

Bob's team is named Kota and has the yellow buffs. Gillian's team is named Fang and has the red buffs.

The first challenge is for individual immunity, which is at the top of a hill. The first one from each tribe to get there gets an individual immunity that can only be used at their first tribal council. But the twist is that while both teams will get some ration of food, the first team to get all their members up the hill will win additional food. Marcus from Kota and GC (whose real name is Danny) from Fang get individual immunity, but Gillian is lagging behind and as much as her teammates try to help her, Kota gets all of their team up first and gets the extra food.

Both teams find at their respective camps that they had pre-made structures which just needed some shoring up, which was definitely an advantage over some other locations. At Kota, I thought Jessica, otherwise known as "Sugar", was being a little annoying, but the tribe members thought Ace was being too bossy. Bob, however, is able to contribute a lot to getting camp working better. Meanwhile at Fang, Gillian is being a bit overbearing while Randy puts a big gash in his head from walking around in the dark and not seeing a branch. And Michelle is just complaining about how cold she is and how uncomfortable it was to try to sleep since she's thin and has no padding.

At the immunity challenge, six team members are tied together, and they have to make their way through an obstacle course, at the end of which they have to dig up three bags of puzzle pieces, and then the three remaining team members have to solve the puzzle. Kota kicked ass on this challenge, with Bob helping to breeze through the puzzle, as they solved one bag at a time. They won the immunity idol as well as flint to start fire with. Fang failed at the challenge mostly in digging for the puzzle pieces. They were digging in a small section and just going deeper rather than looking in a wider circle, and some of their members got tired and would take breaks.

At Fang, they have to decide who to vote out that night. Geek Ken has been the only person that Michelle talks to, and he is flattered by her attention, so he wants to keep her, but pretty much everyone else doesn't like her. She says that she hates her tribe and that they're all stupid. Yeah, nice way to fit in.

At tribal council, the chaos on the team is evident, and GC is nominated as team leader, which he accepts. As expected, Michelle is voted off, but the tribe gets fire to take back to camp with them. It was kind of weird to not see Michelle's final comments, but the husband says they usually show it over the end credits, so since this was a two-hour episode, they didn't show it. There was a note that her final comments could be seen online. The video of her final words can be seen here. Yep, she's still a clueless, bitter, delusional bitch.

At Kota, a love relationship is definitely forming. Well, a one-sided one at least. Charlie is completely in love with Marcus and hangs on his every word. Too bad for him that Marcus doesn't swing that way.

At Fang, GC is taking his leader role to heart and is giving instructions and advice about what people should do. Randy is not happy with that particular development. A four-person alliance is struck among Charlie, Marcus, Corinne and Jacquie. (Corinne just kept reminding me of a young Karen Allen.) GC is up early the next morning, making noise, and more people get up and talk, and Gillian complains about the noise so early in the morning when others are still trying to sleep, but GC complains that a number of people were snoring so he wasn't getting any sleep anyway. GC is frustrated and decides to resign his position as team leader. GC's attitude is seriously getting on my nerves. The team then decides to bond by painting their faces using the charcoal from the fire, to give them a boost at the next challenge.

The next immunity challenge includes a reward - a full set of fishing gear. The team has to push a huge boulder through a series of gates and obstacles, get sets of keys, undo locks and then put the boulder on a stand. Again, Kota wins, and they also get to pick one person from Fang to send to Exile Island, and they choose Dan. Maybe Fang needs to pay more attention to actually working together to win challenges rather than just painting their faces and looking tough.

Kota makes good use of their fishing equipment, and soon, they're feasting and partying and basically having a great time.

Not having such a great time is Dan, who's sent more to Exile Area-of-land-away-from-camps since it's not an island. He gets the choice of either comfort (apple and shelter) or a clue to the hidden individual immunity idol. He picks the clue, thinking it'll be easy, but he doesn't pay careful enough attention to the instructions and ends up looking completely in the wrong place. There's no indication that he got the idol.

Things are going a little better at Fang, where the members are actually working together a bit more. Randy fashions a make-shift fish hook from his glasses, and people are out digging for worms as bait, and they actually manage to catch a couple of fish that way. When Dan returns, though, they are suspicious of whether he found the immunity idol.

At tribal council that night, Gillian is voted out.

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