Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Survivor: Gabon" - October 9, 2008 episode

After tribal council, Kota is discussing the events of the night, and Ace realizes that Kelly voted for him, so Ace targets her next.

At Fang, Randy sees that the rice is still being depleted too quickly and wants to cut down to one meal a day, but again, he clashes with GC. Randy then forms an alliance with Dan, Susie and Matty against GC, Ben and Crystal.

The tribes are gathered and are asked to rank their individual tribe members from top to bottom according to importance to the tribe. Each member fills out their own questionnaire, and then the results are tabulated. For Kota, the order of importance is Marcus, Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacquie, Corinne, Sugar and Kelly. For Fang, the order is Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC and Susie.

Jeff then tells them that they're mixing up tribes, with Marcus heading up the new Kota tribe and Matty heading up the new Fang tribe. The new teams are as follows:

Kota - Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie and Bob

Fang - Matty, Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, GC and Kelly

Charlie was just entirely too happy that he was chosen to be on Marcus' team, but then again, Charlie is in love with Marcus. It was totally funny that GC was the last picked on his team. And I guess Ken decided to vote for the underdog since he is often on, and he picked Kelly, over Ace's objections.

Since there's an odd number of contestants at the moment, Sugar is left unchosen. She is sent to Exile, where she will stay until after tribal council, and she will join whichever tribe ends up sending a member home. Since she's already found the hidden individual immunity idol, she chooses comfort and gets to enjoy the hammock and the fresh fruit. She's actually the perfect person to go there since she's going to be there for a little while, but she doesn't have to spend all that time working and looking, but instead, she can just relax. She hopes that Fang ends up at tribal council and that they vote off Kelly so she can be with Ace again.

Kelly, meanwhile, is completely happy with her new Fang tribe since she doesn't like her old Kota teammates.

At the immunity challenge, it is a sort of field hockey (or jai alai) on the water. Each of the members has a small round float, and they have a paddle with holes at the bottom. Jeff will toss a ball into the water, and they have to get to the ball and pass it to other team members to score a goal in the opposing team's net. First team to score three wins. Kota kicks complete ass on this challenge, as Marcus is motoring around just fine, getting the ball each time. And each time, he manages to get the ball to Randy, who is positioned near Fang's goal. Randy ends up making all three goals for Kota. The first one, he had to shoot around goalie Ace; the second one, he had a free shot because no one was protecting the goal; and the third one, he had to fight some since Fang was finally putting up a fight, but in the end, he managed to score the winner. Most of the members of Fang just sat around, either not being able to move their floats or not even trying at all, just sitting and staring. The husband figured out the problem some of them might have been having when a couple of the floats flipped upside down. There was a big plastic keel on the bottom, so if someone was paddling with the wrong orientation, they wouldn't really be able to move. They'd have to know to paddle with the keel facing forward. Ben mentioned that he just kept spinning in circles, so the husband figures he was paddling facing the wrong side, which would have made him to that.

As Fang is coming back into their camp, there is a shot of Jacquie and Kelly, and with them both wearing a swimsuit top and shorts and their team buff around their midsection like a tank top, and their blonde hair braided, they almost look like twins. An alliance of sorts is formed among Matty, Crystal, Ken and GC. They initially want to vote out Kelly because she's so weak, but Kelly has told the others about Ace's closeness to both Sugar and Jacquie, and they know that Sugar will be joining their tribe, and they're concerned about the threesome as a team. They think about voting off Ace but decide that they still need him to help the team, so they target Jacquie instead. When Jacquie hears about this, she does a valiant effort of pleading her case to Matty and Ben and Crystal, but in the end, it's in vain, and she's voted out, with Sugar due to then join the Fang team.

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