Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Heroes" - September 29, 2008 episode

Angela tells Sylar aka Gabriel that she shouldn't have put him up for adoption. She introduces Bridget, who can touch any object and see its entire history and everyone who has touched it, and Angela makes a comment about "feeding" him. From the screams that came after, I'm presuming that means she was sacrificed to him. She seemed awfully calm about the whole thing - did she know what was going to happen to her? And Angela makes a comment about her two boys, and she is apparently putting all her hopes into Gabriel now. Yeah, totally deluded, the evil isn't his fault.

Peter/Jesse and his fellow escapees decide to rob a bank in broad daylight. However, it turns out that one of the inmates has an ulterior motive, and he is just using this as an opportunity to draw out Noah. Peter/Jesse gets busted for not actually being Jesse, but they don't really believe that he has stayed with them to stop them from doing harm to others.

Claire doesn't want to go to school because she's tired of pretending that she's normal, but Sandra Bennett and Meredith clash on what Claire should do. Ultimately Sandra takes charge and orders Claire to school. Claire ends up being intercepted by Meredith, and when Claire says she wants to be taught how to fight, Meredith agrees. They drive to some kind of abandoned metal shack, where Meredith ends up using her powers to get the truth from Claire. Claire has been saying that she wants to go with Noah to help people, but under pressure, she admits that she wants revenge for what Sylar has done to her. Meredith tells Claire that being a regular 17 year old for a while isn't a bad thing. Claire later tells her mothers that she's going to a cheerleading camp, but in truth, she has taken some of Noah's files and is in pursuit.

Noah returns to level 5 and is told by Angela that he has a new partner - who turns out to be Gabriel. Noah at first resists, but when Angela says that she's using Gabriel whether he supervises or not, Noah relents. Noah and Gabriel arrive at the site of the bank robbery, and Noah goes in. He is about to be killed by one of the escaped inmates when Peter/Jesse discovers Jesse's power - he apparently has a voice that can create enough force/wind to knock things over - he reminded me of Vavoom. (Here's a clip of Vavoom with Felix the Cat.) Just as he's scattered people and things, future-Peter stops time and releases present-Peter from Jesse's body and then takes present-Peter away. Time restarts, and Noah is thanking "Peter" for helping him, but Jesse informs him that Peter is gone. But this time, Noah is saved by Gabriel, who keeps two of the escapees at bay while Noah shoots the third. Noah had repeatedly told Gabriel to not go into the bank, apparently as a way to use reverse psychology on him to make sure that he *would* go into the bank. As Noah takes fireball-dude outside, the inmate who wanted revenge on Noah takes off, and Gabriel locks himself in with Jesse, presumably taking Jesse's powers. Fireball-dude is later shown being put back in a cell. Noah says that he will continue to work with Gabriel for now - and then when he's done using him, he will kill him.

Matt is still on his spiritual walk thing with the guy in Africa, who is apparently the new Isaac since he gets this weird eyes-roll-in-the-back-of-your-head-and-then-he-paints-the-future thing. The husband noticed that in a later scene, a turtle is seen pushing along a magazine, which turns out to be a comic book with Hiro on it. I have no idea what's going on in this entire segment or why it's happening, but I just keep thinking that last season, it was Hiro who was banished to a land far, far away in a world where we don't know anyone, and this season, it's apparently Matt who's banished to Siberia. And I keep thinking that Africa dude is calling him "Pacman".

Hiro and Ando are trying to trace Daphne, who is in pursuit of the second half of the formula for her employer. Hiro sees the Haitiian and recognizes him, remembering that his presence negates special powers. They see him getting the second half of the formula (on orders from Angela) from someone else, and they manage to steal it from him - only to have Daphne steal it from them and take off with it. Ando had changed the plan and had bristled at Daphne's comment that he was like Robin to Hiro's Batman. This seems to be the first time that we see Ando acting on his own, rebelling against what Hiro wants.

Tracy is still a little weirded out by her ability to freeze things, and she manages to track down information on Niki. But she arrives at a funeral home - to find Niki in a coffin. She then encounters Micah, who at first mistakes her for his dead mother, but he soon realizes it's not her. (For some reason, when Micah asked if she was his mother, and earlier when Sylar asked Angela a similiar question, I just flashed back to this book. Yeah, I know, my brain makes the weirdest connections.) Micah does a cross-reference between Tracy and Niki and discovers that they were born on the same day, at the same hospital, attended by the same doctor. Tracy then tracks down the doctor, who makes some comment about how he made her. Hmmm, guess we'll find out what that means.

I'm growing a little impatient with the show, a little bored, a little tired of all the weird stuff that doesn't make sense and multiple fragmentations. I'm still sticking with it for now, but it's a struggle.

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