Sunday, October 5, 2008

"America's Toughest Jobs" - October 3, 2008 episode

The job this week is bridge maintenance, set in San Pedro, California at the site of the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Their initial tasks include pulling up supplies and cleaning the bridge, from about 20 stories up in the air. Chris' fear of heights gives the other contestants quite a laugh. The hardest task is having to walk up the suspension bridge to clean the lights. Most are ok with it, but Chris' fear is getting the better of him, but prior arguments aside, Sandy is his cheerleader and gives him a pep talk to strengthen his courage and resolve, and he admits that she was the one who got him through it. The last task is to paint a part of the bridge, with the group divided into two teams and Ben as the supervisor. Sandy makes a grave error, though, and almost puts a ladder in the path of an oncoming car.

Ben is deemed the best of the group, and the bottom two are Sandy, for her huge safety error, and Chris, for his performance. The face-off challenge between the two is having to climb the bridge again, but this time, at night, to turn on four lights. The person taking the most time to complete the task loses. Sandy is humbled by how losing focus and making a stupid mistake put her in the bottom two, and she's determined to do better, racing to finish her job. For Chris, though, without Sandy's assistance, he can't bring himself to make it to even the first light, and he gives up, so when Sandy returns after completing her task, he is eliminated. Sandy is happy that even though they clashed previously, she has at least won some respect from Chris. I'm glad to see Chris go.

At the end, it is stated that Chris is now a police officer in Pasadena. A sexist, homophobic guy with anger-management issues, on the Pasadena police force? God help them.

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