Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the best of two worlds

First of all, note the date of this post, so I am so not kidding.

Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a fan of sushi and I'm also a fan of Peeps. Well, what if you combined two great tastes together? No, I'm not talking about Reese's peanut butter cups, although those are really yummy too, especially if you have a nice tall, cold glass of milk to go with it. (And those in the know will be virtually staring at me because of how many rules that particular little snack would be breaking for me, but I digress.)

I'm sorry, what was I talking about? I got distracted there for a second.

Oh, right, sushi and Peeps. Now, it's not as bad as you might think. My first thought was, ummm, marshmallows and cold dead fish wouldn't seem to go very well together. But it's not really sushi, it's "sushi".

Here's the article that @thinkgeek tweeted today about Peepshi. (Hey, I didn't make up the term. I did almost make a huge mistake with that word though. I posted about the Peepshi in another location, and I added an exclamation mark after Peepshi to show my excitement. Ummm, yeah, that ended up looking really odd and was conveying a negative connotation that I totally didn't intend, so I left the exclamation point off. Wait, I think I'm sort of digressing again, aren't I?)

Beheading Peeps is a concept I can't quite wrap my head around.

[crickets chirping]

This picture is just so wrong.

I like the suggestion for what to drink while eating a Peepshi. But here's my favorite instruction.

5. Don't let silent Peeps screams deter you from your task. You're a professional.

Peepshi would make a terrific Easter treat!

Friday, March 19, 2010

But do you mean that literally?

Some weeks or months ago, the husband mentioned to me about some funny videos he'd seen where people had taken the music videos of songs and re-written the lyrics of said song to match what was actually being shown on screen. Well, tonight, he had me pull up one of the videos, and dang him, he got me hooked. I ended up watching quite a few of them, and yep, they're pretty hysterical. The lyrics are actually pretty clever, especially since they generally rhyme as well.

Two things I discovered in watching the videos:

1. It's funnier if you actually know the music video and the song really well, because then you know what it's supposed to be and what they've changed it into.

2. I was turned off immediately when the singing was really bad. I tried Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" but couldn't get past the first couple lines. I tried The Cars' "Drive" and couldn't get past the first line because the last note of the line wasn't even correct. Sorry, pass. I'm not a big fan of cover versions of songs anyway, but if it's at least decent and for comedy's sake, I'm ok with it. When it's a bad singer, nope, sorry, I'm out.

The video that the husband had me watch was a-ha's "Take On Me".

I then went to look up what other songs were available. I stopped on Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" because I really like the song, but I've also always loved the video. The singing isn't quite what I'd like, but it's seriously hysterical enough for me to overlook that.

And then I saw that they had Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". Wow! There's a particular line that I loved, but instead of spoiling it here, I'll put it in a comment.

For some reason, the embedding on this video has been disabled, so here's the link instead.

The husband then had me watch Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf". This version is APPARENTLY done live in a karaoke bar or something because you can tell from the sound quality and the occasional laughing in the background.

And then, the husband had mentioned that there was an Air Supply video. He knows that I used to love Air Supply, but he couldn't remember the name of the song. And then it came up on the list - "Making Love Out of Nothing At All". A song and video I loved. And I got to see Russell and Graham the way they were back when I was totally into them. Perfect.

There are a bunch of other songs/videos available, so just go to youtube and search for "literal video". That should pop you up a good list.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

contortionist cat

OK, Orkid puts herself in some funny positions, but this cat just tops all that. And from a door jamb no less! Too freaking funny!

Friday, March 5, 2010

a lovely day

I had a lovely day yesterday. I lounged around at home during the day instead of going to work. Then the husband and I went to the Academy for a symposium for the Best Animated Film nominees. Unfortunately, a horrendous accident on the freeway meant we were crawling along at under 5 mph for about 40 minutes, which made us incredibly late for the symposium, so I'm really disappointed that we missed the segment on "Coraline", but there wasn't anything we could have done about it. Wes Anderson didn't end up being there, but I did enjoy the segments on the other three films, especially for "The Secret of Kells", an Irish film we hadn't known about but which I now want to see. The scenes they showed look great, and when all the directors went up at the end, it was pretty cool to see the director up there with his first animated feature being nominated for an Oscar, and he's sitting there with Henry Selick and Ron Clements & John Musker and Pete Docter. He seemed thrilled and excited to be there.

The husband was very sweet and thoughtful to me yesterday as well. There was a particular special gift that I was getting from Dianne's (the currently-still-open jewelry store at Disneyland in New Orleans Square), so the husband left work early on Thursday to swing by to pick it up so that I'd have it yesterday instead of having to wait for today. And, I'd been jokingly lamenting that with all the stuff going on yesterday, I was going to end up having dinner at Denny's, so the husband actually made reservations at two different restaurants for after the symposium, and then we picked which one to go to (with a friend who also came to the symposium) afterward, so we ended up at Genghis Cohen. It's been probably 8 or 10 years since the last time we were there, but the food was still good.

And to top off the evening, we then headed to the El Capitan to meet friends for a midnight screening of "Alice in Wonderland". The theatre was pretty crowded, and the audience was really loud and excited, and many were dressed in costumes. Loved the movie.

One of the trailers they showed before the film was "Tron Legacy", and it looks awesome! I'm just sad that I have to wait another nine months to actually see the movie.

Tonight, a bit more lounging at home, and then I'm hanging out with a friend at the DLR for a while, and then we're meeting the husband and other friends for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in DTD.

Yeah, it's all good. :)