Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Survivor: Gabon" - October 2, 2008 episode

Things are not going well at Fang, where they're running out of rice because they've been having three meals a day. Ummm, do none of them know that there's not a grocery store around the corner and that they have to ration their food? Randy suggests that they change to only having two meals a day, which most of the tribemates agree to, except GC, who then challenges Randy about being the new leader of the group. Seriously, GC just has too much attitude and is generally an ass.

At Kota, things are going better, but Paloma is not liking Ace and the fact that most people seem to follow what he's saying, even though he generally says perfectly reasonable things that make sense.

The reward challenge is for comfort - blankets, hammock, pillows and mat. One member wraps themselves around a pole while two members of the opposing team try to strip them off and drag them across a line. Ace does really well gluing himself to a pole on the first round for Kota, but Paloma is picked up like a rag doll. In the final round, Fang manages to unhook Ace and score a win for the first time. They elect Sugar to go to Exile.

Sugar knows that Fang sent her to Exile because they think she's stupid and won't have a shot at finding the idol. She foregoes comfort and elects to get the clue. Unlike Dan, she actually does manage to find the sandy crater and find the subsequent clues, culminating in finding the hidden individual immunity idol.

Meanwhile, back at Kota, the tribe is targeting Paloma as their weakest member, and Corinne pulls Bob into her alliance of four, at least for the time being.

At the immunity challenge, team members have to go down a slide to retrieve a tile, and then the final member has to use the tiles to solve a math puzzle. Bob the physics teacher is pitted against Ken the professional gamer, and Ken comes out ahead, giving Fang their second win in a row and their first immunity win.

When Sugar gets back to camp, she leads everyone to believe that she didn't find the idol, but she privately tells Ace that she does have the idol. He immediately claims co-ownership of the idol, which Sugar doesn't object to. Paloma knows she's being targeted, and she puts up her own fight, trying to spread suspicion and distrust to Corinne about Ace. The other tribe members are worried about what Ace, with Sugar in tow, will do come time for the merge, but it's entirely too early to be worrying about the merge now.

In the end, Paloma's efforts fail, and she is voted out.

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