Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"90210" - October 7, 2008 episode

Annie and Ethan are in a class together where students are paired up to take care of a baby. They're paired up as a married couple with her being a lawyer and him as a stay-at-home dad. The two share the task of taking care of their baby, and the interaction draws them closer, leading to an almost-kiss. OK, so what's up with Ty?

At one point, Annie couldn't find the baby and finally found it underneath her jeans in a corner of the bathroom. How funny was Debbie's line of "Nobody puts baby in the corner"?!

Tracy (Naomi's mother) talks to Harry and tells him that she wants to hire a private investigator to look for their son that she gave up for adoption. Harry talks to Debbie and they agree that going to the adoption agency and filling out paperwork so that if the son wants to find them, he can, is a good idea. However, when Harry goes back to talk to Tracy, she has already hired a private eye. She says that Harry might still be getting used to the idea, but she's been thinking about their son since she was 19. When Harry gives her a comforting hug, she misinterprets the gesture and kisses him, but he pulls away. He later tells Debbie, which infuriates her, and both wish that Tracy wasn't in their lives, but the existence of the joint son makes that impossible. So Tracy going after Harry for real finally begins.

Silver is celebrating a half-birthday, and she gets a bunch of people to attend a screening of "Psycho" at Hollywood Forever. Dixon isn't really into horror movies, so she tries to show him the ones she really loves, but it's not really taking. He does try to take an interest in things that interest her. You would *never* catch me agreeing to see a movie in a cemetery. No.way.

Naomi sees Adrianna and says that she hasn't talked to her in a long time. Adrianna says that she's been really busy with auditions and stuff, and Naomi fills her in on all the bad things happening in her life. The two reaffirm their BFF status by switching the matching necklaces that they're wearing. Adrianna has the audition for the slasher movie that afternoon, and she and Naomi arrange to meet afterward to hang out. Adrianna gets the part but ends up celebrating by doing coke with her other friends, standing up Naomi instead. When Naomi confronts her the next day at school, Naomi is really worried, moreso when she sees a telltale lipstick container. It seems that Naomi was the one who introduced Adrianna to "c&c" - coke and champagne - and the lipstick container was what Naomi used to hold the coke. She's appalled that Adrianna has it and is still using. At that moment, drug-sniffing dogs enter the school, and Adrianna panics that if she gets caught, she will be suspended or expelled and will lose her movie. Naomi takes the lipstick container from her, runs to the bathroom, and dumps out the contents, but she's caught with the container, which still has residuals of the coke. She's taken to jail, and she thought her father would be able to get her out of the mess, but he says he can't. Annie had seen Naomi take the container from Adrianna, and she and Ethan implore Adrianna to tell the truth and bail Naomi out. When Adrianna later goes to see Naomi, Naomi also asks her to fess up, which Adrianna agrees to do. She goes home to break it to her mom first, but her mother reveals that they were about to lose the house, but now that Adrianna's gotten the part, everything's going to be fine. OK, one slasher film can't pay all that well - that's going to save the house? Doesn't the mom work? Naomi and her father meet with a lawyer, and Naomi keeps telling them that Adrianna is going to show up and explain everything, but Adrianna never does. Naomi then leaves a scathing voicemail for Adrianna, telling her that she's dead to Naomi. Unbeknownst to Naomi, Adrianna has overdosed and is being treated by paramedics and her condition is unknown.

There's this new girl in Annie's class named Kimberly, but she's really a bitch and rubs everyone the wrong way. It turns out that she's actually an undercover police office with the narcotics division to try to bust the drug ring in school, and Harry is aware of her real identity.

What was up with the striped shirts that looked like referee-wear? There were a couple scenes where 3 or 4 people were wearing shirts like that.

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