Monday, October 6, 2008

"Knight Rider" - October 1, 2008 episode

The episode was something about trying to catch people who are trading or smuggling high-tech stuff, and Michael had to get in good with some people who happened to be into racing, so he was doing the macho racing thing with them for pink slips like something out of "Grease", and then predictably at the end, his bestest bud from the Army was in on it and turned on him and then he drove his truck into a ravine and went crash-boom-explode-fireball, and Michael was kind of sad, and then K.I.T.T. was apparently learning things from watching Westerns. Most of what I remember is that during all the driving scenes, it was painfully obvious that the actor/actress was sitting in a fake vehicle with a rear-projection screen behind him/her. It looked absolutely awful.

I tried to stick with the show because I wanted to give Justin Bruening a chance, but really, he's wasted in this show. He actually had something to do in the pilot, but these two first episodes give him nothing to show his abilities. He just looks good with the car, but sorry, that's not enough for me.

The husband is still watching, but I'm out.

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