Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"America's Toughest Jobs" - September 26, 2008 episode

The task this week is at a rodeo bowl, otherwise known as American bullfighting, in San Angelo, Texas. Their job is to distract the bull so that the rider can get to safety.

Their first training is with a wheelbarrow with horns, and they are taught to not run in a straight line because they can't outrun the bull but rather, to make quick cuts. Both Ben and Chris get hit because they're not running right (and Chris is an ass again - he manhandles the wheelbarrow and says he can do the same with the bull but doesn't get that the bull is a lot bigger, heavier, stronger and has a mind of its own). Rie falls during her training and ends up hurting her knee severely.

After training, Chris shows himself to be an ass again and apparently can't deal with the fact that Sandy is a lesbian and he says something to her about being a real woman, which apparently means being a slave and a cook to a man. Whatever, asshole.

The next training is with an actual bull in an empty arena. Sandy ends up getting hit, but she pops right back up and wants to try it again. Unfortunately, the injury is more than she thought, as the bull actually stepped on her. After a trip to the hospital, she discovers that her ankle isn't broken, but she has a brace on and is on crutches. She cannot do the final show, but the judges decide that she's done enough to move on in the competition.

The last thing the contestants have to do is during the actual show/event. But right before, they get a nice reward in the form of family member visits, and the family get to sit in the stands and watch them.

Michaela does really well on her turn, but Rommel ends up going in too early, and when he grabs the bull's horn while the rider is still on, the bull bucks and dislocates his shoulder, which they have to pop back in. Owwww. He's later shown in a sling.

Rie hadn't done the training with the other bull so she could rest her knee, but she ultimately decides to do the final step.

Ben engages the bull the most and is declared the best of the bunch.

Because there are fewer contestants, they're only doing the bottom two, who end up being Rie and Steven, because both were bad at protecting their riders.

The final competition is bull hockey, where two goals are set up on either side with a line in between stacks of hay, and the object is to defend your own goal while trying to score by getting the bull to run through the other person's goal. Rie almost manages to score, but the bull crosses Steven's goal sideways, and then Steven gets its attention and gets it to chase him straight through Rie's goal, scoring his win and eliminating Rie.

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