Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twenty Ten Eve

This year has been very difficult for some but has also brought much joy to many. Hoping all who read this have a lovely New Year's Eve, whatever you may have planned or end up doing, and that next year has some wonderful surprises in store for you.

Stay safe tonight.

Monday, December 28, 2009

this teddy bear would make you forget your troubles - and give you the munchies

This would have been an interesting find in a toy store.

I have to say, that's a pretty smart idea to use someone else's address as the return address, but if you're sending that kind of thing clandestinely in the mail, you think you'd check to make sure there's enough postage, wouldn't you? Insufficient postage is the only reason I can think of why the package was returned to the "sender" rather than delivered to the addressee, even though the story doesn't mention that's what happened.

I do expect, however, that the intended recipient of the package is going to get a visit about the package.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 celebrities - 1 sighting, 1 encounter

celebrity sighting

A little more than a month ago, the husband and I and a friend were wandering around Disneyland doing rides, and we got in line for Big Thunder Railroad. We had gotten to the front and were assigned 2 rows, so we waited for the next train to come in so we could board. I noticed across the track that a ride cast member (CM) was taking a girl to be measured to see if she was tall enough to go on the attraction. It occurred to me that the man with them looked a lot like Noah Wyle. And then I realized that it was in fact Noah Wyle. I was actually a little surprised that I still recognized him because I haven't seen anything he's been in for quite some time, but then, he didn't look any different from the last time that I *had* seen him. The girl (presumably his daughter) was tall enough to ride, so Noah and his daughter (and the plaid-dressed CM who was presumably their assigned escort) all ended up getting into the same train that we were riding. So, I pretty much spent the entire ride watching the backs of their heads. I saw Noah turn to his daughter a couple of times, and Noah was smiling, so I'm assuming his daughter was enjoying herself as well. After we got back into the station, we exited behind them, and I saw them join up with several other people. And yes, I managed not to follow him around the park for the rest of the evening.

celebrity encounter

My niece was on a JetBlu flight from New York to Burbank, and the row she was in was empty except for her, so she was enjoying that she could lay across the seats and be comfortable taking a nap. Shortly into the flight, she heard a woman ask if she could have the aisle seat in that row because her row was very crowded. My niece was not happy about having been awakened from her sleep and now having to share her empty space, but she begrudgingly agreed. She still took up the remaining two spaces but said she pretty much had her "feet and butt all up in her [woman's] face". She said she also had to get up to use the restroom a couple of times during the flight, so the woman would have had to let her in and out of her seat. She was half-asleep, and she'd taken her contacts off and didn't have her glasses on so really hadn't paid that much attention to the woman now sitting in her row. She said she was also a bit distracted because she'd noticed that Peter Facinelli (No, I had no idea who he was when she told me his name. She said he was married to Jennie Garth, so I looked him up on imdb.) was sitting in the row or two in front of her. She said she did notice at some point that the woman had a script with her, but it wasn't the couple pages of sides that you'd get if you were auditioning - they were full-size scripts, so my niece had a fleeting wonder about who this woman was. Hours later, as the plane was about to make its final descent into Burbank airport and the flight attendants were collecting all of the remaining drink cups and trash, my niece overhead one of the flight attendants approach the woman and say how much he liked her in "Leverage" and other projects. That's when my niece realized the woman she'd allowed to sit in her row was Jeri Ryan. She put her glasses on and looked, and yep, that's who it was. She was mortified at that point that she hadn't been nicer to her. I asked her if Jeri had seemed annoyed at all, and she said no, she was nice, and she even passed her beverage to her from the the flight attendant when they went around with drink service. My niece said she also thought about her hair being a mess and such, but since she'd had her feet and butt all up in her face already, it was pretty much too late by then. She said she did kind of stare at her once they landed and Jeri got her things to leave. My niece said Jeri was dressed simply in jeans and didn't have any makeup on and was very unassuming. I told her that she hadn't actually done anything wrong. She did give up the seat, and being on the aisle, you pretty much expect that you're going to have to get up if someone wants to use the restroom. I also figured that since she was flying fairly incognito (neither my niece nor I had expected that Jeri Ryan would be flying in a regular seat in JetBlu), she might have actually liked just being treated like a normal person, and it really wasn't like my niece was rude to her or anything. My niece said that she knew she had to tell me this story because she knew I was a Star Trek fan. So after she told me her story, I told her my Noah Wyle story, which she enjoyed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monkey House Cafe - the name alone makes me want to try it

We were in the Huntington Beach area yesterday and drove by a restaurant called Monkey House Cafe. It was late, and it was dark, so I couldn't see the place very well, but the name of the place sure caught my attention. So, I looked them up online.

The place looks to be a very small simple shop that serves sandwiches, soups and desserts, and they're only open until the late afternoon on weekdays and close even earlier on weekends.

I do love how the website looks though - they have lots of cute pictures of cartoon monkeys!

This picture is on their page listing their selection of beverages.

This picture is on their page listing their schedule of their soup of the day selection.

This picture is on their page listing their sandwich selections.

This picture is on their page listing their desserts.

Given the location of the cafe, which isn't really near anywhere I go on a regular basis, it's unlikely that I'll be able to make it there anytime soon, but it's definitely a place I'd like to try. The menu selections do sound good, and hey, they have a cute website!

This picture from their website shows two of the owners of the cafe as well as two views of the interior of the cafe.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Using Google's image to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best of the holiday season.

This year, Google's final image was five days in the making.

May you have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

giving a helping hand

I heard about Robin Hood 702 on a radio show last week. He's an anonymous high-stakes gambler living in Las Vegas who last year decided to find a family that he could help with money that would get them out of debt. He's doing the same thing this year, and he's being joined with contributions from a second person.

I think this is a terrific idea, though I can understand the difficulty in trying to decide who to pick. There are so many stories out there, and you can't possibly help them all. And you also have to learn to weed out the "deserving" (in the eyes of whomever is making the decision, of course) and those who are not so much. Some stories sound pretty bad on the surface, but sometimes, knowing the story behind the situation can change how you feel about the situation itself. At least that has happened to me a number of times.

I like that he's not interested in making someone a ton of money, but rather, a more modest amount that can be insurmountable if you're in that situation but isn't a back-breaker for someone who has some amount of money.

This is the kind of thing that I would so love to be in a position to do. No, money can't fix everything, but I hear about so many situations where some significant amount of money would make a huge difference, would help alleviate some particular concerns so that the people can get on their feet and balanced and deal with other parts of their situation that don't involve money.

There are many people who might be having a more modest holiday season and maybe don't have a lot of presents, but there are others who are dealing with even bigger issues. Here's hoping that local Robin Hoods can come to their aid as well.

Here's a news story with more information about Robin Hood 702 and the first recipients of his generosity as well as the current situation.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Family Guy" does "Star Wars" again

The second episode of the animated television show "Family Guy" to spoof the original "Star Wars" trilogy of films was released this week. The title of the episode/DVD is "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side". Yeah, really. However, unlike the first episode, which was shown on TV and then released on DVD, this episode is only available on DVD, at least for now. Not sure if they plan to show the episode on TV in the future.

Even though I'm a big Star Wars fan, and even though the husband watches "Family Guy", I've not seen the first episode. The husband was watching the new episode, and I was listening to it from the other room and watched bits of it. It really is pretty funny. I guess I should go back and watch the first one.

The disc has some nifty specials too, including a table read of the episode and a "pop-up facts" version which has some really cool things in it, including one bit that's particularly amusing to me. There's also a preview of the third episode. And no, I'm not going to spoil it by telling you what the title is. You'll have to buy the DVD. Or at least look at it. :)

The link I provided above also has a trailer for the episode.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

part cat, part seal?

Most cats aren't particularly fond of water, except to drink. Bathtime can often be a huge fight when it comes to cats. Orkid likes to jump in the tub, but only when it's empty. If you turn the water on, she'll venture far enough to get a drink, but if you turn it on higher or if you turn the shower head on, she will get out of the tub.

Not so much this kitty. Too frickin' cute.

Monday, December 21, 2009

in space, no one can hear you make sushi

I was amused when I read this article that sushi was going to be included on the menu when a Japanese astronaut heads to the International Space Station. I'm not sure how they keep their food fresh, but I hope they do a good job with the fish. Food poisoning in space would suck. I wish they'd elaborated on what fish they're exactly bringing. Cause, you know, I like those kinds of details.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

sometimes, pre-conceived notions are funny

For various occasions, my side of the family has family dinners out, and who is in attendance depends on who's available. For a particular dinner a number of years ago, the husband and I were there, along with my sister and her then-boyfriend/now-husband, as well as my sister's then-teenage daughter and son, at a Chinese restaurant.

We order family style, so we'd put our order in, and my sister asked the waiter for two forks.

When the waiter brought the forks, he didn't give the forks to my sister (normally, they bring the forks to whomever actually asks for them), but rather, put one fork in front of each of the husband and my sister's boyfriend - the two white people at the table. Both the husband and my sister's boyfriend knew very well how to use chopsticks - the forks my sister had requested were for her two kids, who preferred to use forks to chopsticks.

It was obvious that the waiter assumed the kids were old enough to know how to use chopsticks, so the forks *must* be for the white people, who, you know, can't possibly know how to use chopsticks.

The rest of us all laughed when the forks were put down, though I think the husband and my sister's boyfriend were offended at the assumption that the forks were for them, simply because they were white.

This counts as a magical memory for me partly because of the waiter's erroneous assumption, but mostly because of the looks on the faces of the husband and my sister's boyfriend when the forks were put down in front of them. :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sir Picard

Wil Wheaton tweeted this link to a story that Patrick Stewart is to be knighted. Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart have a nice ring to them, don't you think? :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Adidas does Star Wars

I don't know how long the affiliation between Adidas and Star Wars has been going on (other than with t-shirts, which I'm assuming Adidas has done before), but someone alerted me to this page that shows the Star Wars products that Adidas offers.

Some of the stuff is pretty cool.

I like these Stormtrooper shoes, and I really like these Darth Vader shoes, but why are they only available for men? Women can't like and wear them? That sucks! Women only get the Princess Leia shoe that's a bit oddly colored to me? And, the tongue has a picture of Slave Leia. Yeah, ok, that's for the women. Really?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tasty Morsels Bakery

I happened upon the Tasty Morsels Bakery blog, and I'm just loving all the different styles of special-order cookies they make.

I love these baby girl cookies from the August 30, 2009 entry. And these wedding favors from the August 23, 2009 entry are just awesome. The re-created likeness is just incredible.

The bakery is in New York, so unfortunately, not easy for me to get to, but I just thought the blog was pretty cool, especially with all the nifty pictures.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

closing the Dollhouse

I follow Eliza Dushku on Twitter and this morning, she tweeted that it was the last day of shooting on "Dollhouse". That made me sad.

Later in the day, she posted this picture of the wrap lunch. That was so cool that they had the wrap party actually inside the house. It's an absolutely gorgeous set. I'm so sad thinking about it being struck. That beautiful house, all turned to rubble.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the shows and seeing where Joss takes it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2010 inductees

I'd previously mentioned that Genesis was on the list of nominees to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well, today, the list of inductees was released, and Genesis is one of the 5 artists being inducted in 2010. How cool is that? I'm also happy that ABBA is included as well because I like them a lot too.

The ceremony is on March 15, 2010 in New York. So, if anyone has a spare ticket to the induction ceremony and wants to invite me along, I'd be more than happy to go. I can even arrange my own transportation to New York. I'll pencil in the date on my calendar so that I can be sure to be available at that time. I'm sure I'd be able to take a couple days off work to make the trip. Just give me a little notice so that I can arrange a decent-priced plane ticket and somewhere to stay.

Seriously, I want to go.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The South Butt

I just thought this story was really funny.
I suppose I can see why The North Face is mad, but I guess I wouldn't think that big a company would care about a little parody. I mean, people who are buying from The South Butt wouldn't be doing so in lieu of buying from The North Face, right?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

where everybody knows your name

A couple of weeks ago, the husband and I had dinner at Catal Restaurant, which is not an uncommon occurrence, but we were celebrating a special occasion, so we were having a rare dinner there without any of our friends.

Our favorite server was there, and a couple of the managers and other servers we know were also there, so each of them came by at various times to say hello and chat, which was nice.

As usual, we had a lovely and yummy dinner. (The light levels were low, so my pictures kinda suck, but be assured that everything tasted much better than the pictures would lead you to believe.)

I started with a sashimi appetizer. Mmmm, cold dead fish.

For my entree, I had been craving short ribs, which I knew were on the current menu. But I'd also been craving their mac and cheese, which is on their kids menu. And it had been a long time since I'd had short ribs on the mac and cheese. Our server luckily obliged by putting in the special order request for me. Yep, more yumminess.

One odd thing had occurred during the course of dinner. One of the managers had come by to say hi, and she greeted us with "Happy Anniversary". How did she know that, we asked her? She said one of the servers had told her. We didn't know how the servers would know since we hadn't told them, and while our dining alone was rare, it certainly wasn't unheard of and was not necessarily an indication of a special occasion. We questioned both our server (who wouldn't tell us how he knew) and another server we knew who also came by to give us her good wishes, but we got nowhere with answers on how they knew, and we were baffled.

Finally, the husband figured it out. I had posted something on my Facebook page that morning, but no one at Catal is on my friends list, but the husband also remembered that I'd posted something on this blog that morning. We figured out that one of the servers we knew (who'd come by to give us her good wishes) must have seen my blog entry and saw that we had a reservation that night and put two and two together. I know that a couple of them know about the blog and website, but I'd only told this particular server about the blog because of a TV show I'd recommended to her. I was surprised that she'd come back after that to look at it at all.

We were then very happily surprised when a complimentary dessert was brought out to us.

I'd had two of the three items previously. The item on the left is the peanut butter and chocolate bar, which is really yummy. The item in the middle is the pear tart, which I didn't care for that much as it was too sweet for my taste. But the item on the right was the pumpkin cheesecake, which was incredible. It was a good blend of cheesecake and pumpkin, but more pumpkin than a lot of other places, and it was very moist. Most of the time, pumpkin cheesecake tends to be more cheesecake with a hint of pumpkin and tends to be very dense. That was definitely not the case here. It was more like pumpkin cheesecake mousse. Heavenly.

I had brought some recent-acquired special things for taste-testing, so that was fun too, as we got the servers, the managers, the General Manager and even our busboy involved. Yes, I know, it's like listening to a broken record, but it was another fantastic dinner at Catal.

Thanks, Suki, for telling them about our anniversary. And I see you out there reading this! ;) See you soon!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

white elephant gift exchange

My department at work had our holiday lunch this past week, and for a number of years now, part of the tradition is to have the white elephant gift exchange. Participation is voluntary, but most people usually join in the fun, and each person who brings a gift would then end up with a gift. This isn't one of those gag gifts things so no weird or bad gifts.

The rules:

1. A maximum dollar amount for the purchased gift is set, usually $20 or $25. All gifts should be no more than that amount, but most people also know not to bring something like a $5 gift because that just wouldn't be cool.

2. In the past, lots of people brought gift cards, and that was deemed to be not enough fun, so a few years ago, the rule was implemented that gift cards weren't allowed.

3. The gift should be non-gender-specific since both men and women will be participating in the game.

4. All gifts are placed on a table together, and some people take great measures to hide which bag/box they brought so that someone won't pick a gift just because that particular person brought it.

5. There are slips of paper with a number on it, each in ascending order, up to the number of people playing the game. The slips of paper are then put in a bag or box or something equivalent, and each person playing the game takes a turn at drawing out one of the slips of paper. The number on each slip of paper will determine the order in which the players get their turn.

6. The person with number 1 goes first. That person goes to the table and picks a gift and opens it.

7. The person with number 2 goes next. That person can either take the gift from person 1 or that person can pick a gift from the table. If person 2 takes person 1's gift, then person 1 picks another gift from the table.

8. Person number 3 can either take the gift from person 1 or person 2 or pick a gift from the table. If person 1 or person 2 has their gift taken, they cannot take back the gift just taken from them, but they can take the gift from the other person or pick a gift from the table.

9. Each gift can be "stolen" a set number of times before it is "frozen", meaning that it cannot be stolen anymore, and the person currently in possession of the gift gets to actually keep it. We used to allow 3 steals (meaning the fourth owner gets to keep it), but that was deemed to be too many times, so we now only allow 2 steals (which means the third owner gets to keep it). You can't steal back a gift that was just stolen from you, but if you have another turn in another round because your gift is stolen, you can steal back a gift that was stolen from you previously during another round.

10. Each subsequent person has the option of either stealing a gift that's not already frozen or picking a gift from the table. If anyone has a gift stolen from them, they can either steal another gift that's not already frozen or pick a gift from the table.

11. Once the last person has gone, the first person gets a final turn. If they so choose, they can decide to switch gifts with any other person who has a gift that's not frozen. Since the first person didn't have any option other than to pick a gift from the table, that gives them the chance to steal something if they want to. But if they're happy with their gift, they don't have to do anything, and the game is over.

The game can be a lot of fun when people are stealing things a lot, especially when several people want the same gift. It's even more fun in a work environment since supervisors and subordinates are playing together, and lots of jokes are made about stealing a gift from a supervisor.

There are a couple aspects of the game that can crop up which I don't particularly enjoy. Some people take the game very seriously, too seriously. For me, it's $25, so I'm not putting out a lot of money, and I don't really expect to come out of it with a treasure. Sometimes, I have come home with something really neat, but if not, oh well, it's just a game. I also do try to put some thought in what I get, that it might be something people would want. It annoys me when someone just brings something that isn't appealing at all. That's no fun that way. If you don't want to think of something, or if you can't afford the $25 gift, that's ok, just don't play and watch and enjoy the fun. And some people get REALLY bent out of shape if they don't get something they really want. Yeah, some of the stuff is really neat, but, again, it's only $25. If I ever saw something that I really wanted and didn't end up with it, I'd try to find out who brought it and where they got it and just buy it myself!

Some people also take a really long time to decide what they want to do, and everyone just sits around waiting. The gifts are usually pretty simple, so it's really a matter of deciding what you want and don't want or if you just want to pick from the table. I tend to keep a running count in my head as much as possible of the things I might like that are still available, and I also cross them off when they're frozen, so I pretty much know if there's something I want or if I need to pick from the table. But I think a lot of people aren't really paying attention until it's their turn.

There's also one other thing that people do that I don't particularly think is fair, and that's when they pick up several different gifts from the table and shake them or try to see how heavy they are to see if they might want it. For me, you see how the gift is presented, whether it's in a box and wrapped or in a gift bag or whatever. You make your decision that way. Again, it's just a game.

The game can be a bit more complicated when there are a lot of people playing because there are more gifts to keep track of as far as what's still available and what's frozen. We had a smaller number this year, about 20, which was pretty good to keep the action going without people getting bored and without too many gifts to track. Some years, we've had a lot, and I think something like 30 or 40 people playing could get more complicated. You really need to make sure that whomever is keeping track of the gifts (it's usually better if it's someone who's not actually playing in the game, if possible) does a good job so when the questions come up about what's available, they can run down the list of items.

This year, I had a number of really cool things, but most of them were stolen from me. So, here's what I ended up with.

I wouldn't normally buy this for myself since I'm not really into the whole Snuggie thing, but since I have it anyway, I'm going to keep it. However, if I'm going to have one, I don't want just a generic blue one, so I'm going to try to see if I can exchange it in a store for the leopard print one. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

How much is that kitty in the wheel well?

Cats get into the weirdest places. I've heard of them hitching rides in sofas and other little nooks, but never a wheel well.

I'm really surprised the kitty didn't fall out (but I'm glad it didn't). Poor thing must have been so cold!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

red meat can hurt you

In this case, the red meat - steak - can hurt you if someone is hitting you with it.

I don't know how one goes about thinking to use a steak to hit someone on the head. But then, weird stories seem to come out of Florida a lot.

I wonder if being hit with good steak hurts less than being hit with inexpensive steak. And would raw steak hurt less than cooked steak since it would presumably be softer?

Just don't get hit with a bone-in steak. Owwwww.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

stuff on my cat

So Orkid was laying on a counter in the kitchen the other day. And there was mail nearby. And she was just laying there. So I put a postcard-sized piece of mail on her. And she didn't object or even more. So I put another small piece of mail on her. And she kept not moving. So I put bigger mail on her. And she sat there and lazily blinked her eyes, almost like she was going to sleep. So I piled all of the day's mail on her, most of which was junk mail and catalogs and stuff. And she just lay there.

Yeah, she's weird.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I live in Southern California for a number of reasons, one of which is the nice weather. I am not a cold-weather person. I don't like the cold weather. I am not happy in cold weather. I am cranky in cold weather. I am *COLD* in cold weather. So instead of living in Boston or New York or Wisconsin or Maine, I live in the Los Angeles area.

So why was it so foxtrotting cold today? Yeah, yeah, I know, it's December. In December, it's freezing cold in OTHER places, like, you know, Boston, New York, etc.

Did we move closer to the Arctic? Some weird turn of the Earth? Some weird re-alignment in preparation for 2012?

Where's a little global warming when you really need it?


Monday, December 7, 2009

MILK - fall specials and holiday goodies

MILK always has good food and yummy ice creams and sorbets and baked goods, but they're always coming up with new tasty seasonal treats as well.

They've recently changed their daily specials (though they haven't updated their website yet), which are as follows:

Weekly Daily Specials

Chicken pot pie with root vegetables, carrots and peas, $13.00

Slow stewed chili con carne with a cheddar cheese and jalapeno muffin, $12.00

Braised beef brisket, a twice baked potato with “The works,” green beans and red wine sauce, $13.50

BBQ Meatloaf with horseradish mashed potatoes, steamed spinach and crispy onions, $12.50

Chicken Chilaquiles Verdes: tossed crispy chicken nachos with chile verde, queso fresco, "frijoles de olla" and two sunny side eggs, $13.50

It all sounds so good! I've actually already had the chili con carne, and yeah, it was really yummy.

The chili had a nice mixture of different beans and had a lot of meat in it as well. And I'm not usually a fan of corn bread, but wow, theirs was really moist and tasty, with a bit of a kick because of the jalapeno. And the salad on the side was a nice touch too.

The chicken pot pie sounds good, but the braised beef brisket sounds amazing. Hmmm, I'm really going to need to try all the specials. For research purposes, you know? Yeah, that's it.

Of course, it's not just the food that's great at MILK.

MILK's Holiday Bakeshop

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! We are celebrating the season of giving with a number of delectable treats. Grab some for a friend, coworker, or just yourself!

Holiday sugar cookies
An assortment of holiday sugar cookies, $1.25 ea

Apple Crisp
Roasted apples topped with an oatmeal walnut crisp, 9" pie $25

Lindser Tart with Raspberry Jam
Cinnamon and spice dough layered and baked with home-made raspberry jam, 10" tart $25

Chocolate and Candy Cane Cupcakes
MILK's signature chocolate cupcake baked with crushed candy canes, topped with cream cheese icing and candy cane crumbles, $3.75 ea

Seasonal Hand-Packed Ice Cream
Our award-winning ice cream now available in Gingerbread and Candy Cane!, $8.00 per pint

Who's hungry? :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanks, Kevin

I'm glad I got to see Rockapella one last time with Kevin. And thanks to Wendy for the awesome idea of the letter sign.

I'll be looking forward to hearing the stories from Kevin's last concert in Tampa.

from all the California sad-eyed girls (and guys)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Still sick. Still cranky.

Pretend this is a real blog post.

Friday, December 4, 2009

life is not so much good right now

I'm sick. Really sick. Like, I really can't remember the last time I was *this* sick. I know it's been years.

So, I'm miserable.

But, that's not enough. If this had been last weekend, I would still have been miserable. But that would have pretty much been the extent of that.

This weekend, though, I'm also going to be missing a lot.

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while, even before it was as busy as it was supposed to be. There were a few more things going on this weekend that we knew we couldn't do because we were so busy.

Today, there was a holiday thing in my department at work that I was actually kind of looking forward to.

Tomorrow, the husband and I are scheduled to have lunch with my niece and her boyfriend, who live in New York, but who are currently in town.

Tomorrow night, a friend is having a gathering, and those are always fun.

Sunday, the husband and I were going to spend a couple hours in the morning at Disneyland.

And then Sunday night, it's the Rockapella Christmas show.

But now that I'm miserably sick, I'm in no shape or mood to do anything, not to mention that I don't want to spread my sickness to other people (and trying not to infect the husband in the process).

So, I didn't go to work today.

I've cancelled lunch tomorrow with my niece and her boyfriend.

I won't be going to the gathering Saturday night. I'll have to live vicariously through the stories the husband tells me when he gets back.

The husband will be going to Disneyland on his own on Sunday to do the shopping that we were going to do.

The only thing I will be doing this weekend is going to the Rockapella concert. It's the last time I'm going to see Kevin, and I'm not missing it. Maybe I'll bring a scarf or something so I don't have to breathe on people. We'll see how I'm doing come Sunday afternoon when it's time to get ready to go.

There was a week in September and a week in October when we were doing other stuff, and it felt like I might be getting sick then, but that never materialized, so I was glad for that since I was then able to enjoy those activities. This weekend, I'm not as lucky.

So, yeah, I'm throwing myself a pity party, and no one else is invited.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

a gun safety PSA

A celebrity is often a good spokesperson for public service announcements because their fame gives them a louder voice that people will often listen to more than just random person they don't know. The celebrity can be especially powerful at giving a message if they have real-life experiences with the situation they're discussing.

And it's even funnier when someone does a parody of such a PSA. Who better to do a PSA about gun safety than Plaxico Burress. (Don't know who he is? Then Google is your friend.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

soft kitty song

How about a nice happy song for today, and funny interspersed as well?

Monday, November 30, 2009

tauntaun - FTW

Remember ThinkGeek's awesome tauntaun sleeping bag that they put up as an April Fool's joke this year?

From joke to delivery of finished product in 8 months' time! The wonderful folks at ThinkGeek were able to get permission to actually make the damned thing, we put in our order, and our tauntaun arrived today!

This is the tauntaun on our bed. The bed is a California King, so that gives you an idea of how frickin' huge this thing is. And yes, the tail is really long too.

He's really soft, and he's kind of bulky when rolled up because of his plush leg and arm. And yes, the detail is awesome.

This is the tauntaun "cut open" by the plush lightsabre (blue blade) that's attached to the zipper.

The detail of the "intestines" inside the tauntaun.

A close-up of the tauntaun's head.

The head is fully designed on both sides, though this picture makes it look more like a dragon, I think.

And the tauntaun comes with its own certificate of authenticity. I love it!

But the tauntaun is not just awesome-looking. It's practical and comfortable too.

The husband is 6' tall, and he fits just fine inside the tauntaun.

And how is Orkid dealing with our new pet? She just commandeered the box - jumped in and sat in it until we had to put the tauntaun away.

Want your own tauntaun? Well, they've sold out of two shipments already, but you can put yourself on the list for the third shipment.

domestic violence

Wil Wheaton (@wilw) tweeted the following a couple of days ago with a link to this article: "Very powerful essay about domestic violence, written by Patrick Stewart, in the Guardian".

I just read the article, and my only comment is: wow.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a publicist's nightmare

Back in the old days, public figures like actors and singers and other celebrities were often unreachable except through their publicist. Any time they were at a public event, there was their publicist, ready to stop any unflattering questions or to stop their client from saying anything they shouldn't say.

And then came Facebook and Twitter, where said celebrities can speak their heart's content, and dangerously, off the top of their head, without the filter or oversight of a publicity, and without the ability to withdraw what they wrote before the information is already spread around. I don't know that a publicist would really be able to tell their client not to use Facebook or Twitter, but then the publicist just might be in the position of doing damage control because of what their client says.

Celebrities on Facebook just have to be aware that what they're saying goes out to everyone. No tweeting when drunk, and seriously, think about what you're saying, at all times.

I ran across this article today that addresses the very topic of celebrities being able to have this direct communication with their fans and the rest of the world. I'm amused that what Demi Moore posted was used as an example. OK, so she pretty much said she was going to have sex with her husband. It's not like she was picking up some random guy off the street, and she's not exactly had the image of the pristine virgin. Having sex with your husband is not illegal or even particularly risque. Is it TMI to know they're having sex? I suppose it could be regarded as so. But it would be a much more damaging post from someone who wasn't married or someone who relied more on their wholesome image.

But I expect that the job of a publicist has gotten much more difficult and complicated in this increasing age of immediate and direct communication.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Yes, I meant to type the title all in caps, because even though I've posted a lot of cute kitty videos on here, this seriously tops all of them.

And yes, if you're on the same places on the internet that I'm on, this is the 40 bazillionth place I've put the video because I think it's just that cute. A friend sent me the link and I've already watched the video five times.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Do I get geek cred for this?

So I follow @starwars on Twitter, and they had a thing on Thanksgiving where people were submitting lines from the Star Wars movies but modified for Thanksgiving. You can go to Twitter and do a search using #StarWarsThanksgiving to see all the things that people came up with. @starwars re-tweeted a whole bunch of them, and they were fun to read. Today, they posted an entry on their blog with their favorites from all the ones that were submitted.

Well, I was pretty happy yesterday when they re-tweeted one of my submissions, but I was even more thrilled today that my entry was included in their list of favorites!


I need the holidays to be over and why Starbucks is evil

I can see your confused reaction to the title of this blog post. What do I mean that I need the holidays to be over? It's only the day after Thanksgiving, the real start of the holiday season. It's only just begun, and I need them to be over already?

Well, yeah, and there's a reason for that. And the reason squarely lies with Starbucks, otherwise known as the Evil Empire.

No, not for the reasons you might think and why some people think Starbucks is evil.

In my case, it's because Starbucks is too damn tempting.

Let's go back some, about a month or so. I saw that Starbucks had pumpkin spice latte. Hmmm, that sounded good, so I decided to give one a try. Based on a recommendation, I had it without whipped cream, which turned out to be a good choice since it would have made the drink even sweeter. I thought the pumpkin spice latte was ok, nice pumpkin flavor, but it was a bit too sweet for my taste, so I was glad I tried it, but I'm not sure I'd have it again in the future. Or at least if I do, I'll have to ask them to put less flavoring in it.

And then a couple weeks ago, I noticed that Starbucks had a gingerbread latte. Uh oh. For reasons that are too involved to get into, I discovered a couple years ago that I actually liked gingerbread cookies, so I thought that the gingerbread latte might be pretty tasty and gave it a try.

Evil. Evilness, I tell you. O.M.G. It was delicious. Perfect taste of gingerbread, even with the whipped cream. It was gingerbread you could drink!

Now, you have to understand that I'm not a Starbucks nut. I'm not a coffee snob, and I don't have it that often, and even when I do, I don't have to go to upscale places. When I have coffee, it's usually at places that coffee snobs would disown me for visiting. But it's precisely because I'm not a coffee snob that I can go to those places, because I'm not that discerning about coffee anyway, so spending money on expensive coffee is mostly wasted on me.

But on occasion, I will decide to splurge and visit a name-brand coffee house like Starbucks. And that's the problem. Because I go there on occasion, I know when they have special seasonal coffee flavors, and also because there are Starbucks locations everywhere, and on any square inch of real estate where there doesn't happen to be a Starbucks, there's some kind of ad about what Starbucks has as a seasonal flavor.

So now, I know that Starbucks has the deliciously amazing gingerbread latte. And it calls to me, like a siren to the sailors. And like them, I have to fight the urge to resist the call. Today alone, in going to only two places, I encountered three Starbucks locations where I could have dashed myself against the rocks and gone in and gotten a gingerbread latte. But I resisted. There are so many reasons why I shouldn't be having a gingerbread latte everyday. But, while I won today's skirmish, the war isn't over. They will have this deadly gingerbread latte available for the next month at least. And they are everywhere, beckoning me. I do know that I will have to go into a Starbucks at some point in December because I will need to buy a gift card for a friend. And I won't be able to resist getting a gingerbread latte, since I'll be there already.

And today, I was told by friends that they also have a peppermint addition for the holidays, and a peppermint mocha sounds intriguing enough to try.

How am I going to make it to January?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's The Great Pumpkin Pie, Snoopy!

Hope everyone has a nice and safe Thanksgiving.

Loving Google's logo for today.

[gobble] [gobble]

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"True Colors"

OK, I know, this week has been very Phil Collins heavy. It's just worked out that way.

This week's episode of "Glee" featured the song "True Colors", a song originally sung by Cyndi Lauper. I did like the version they did on the show, but my favorite version of the song was sung by Phil Collins and his backup folk during his First Final Farewell Tour. It wasn't quite as a capella as I recalled, but it's pretty minimal in music so you can really hear and focus on the vocals and the harmonizing. It was absolutely beautiful to listen to live.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grandpa Phil, singing the Motown hits

Yesterday, I got a blip of news that Phil Collins had become a grandfather because his oldest daughter, Joely, had given birth to a child.

Here's an article with all the news.

I'm amused that Phil's granddaughter already has more hair than he does!

There's also a bit in there about Phil's injury that's impeding his ability to drum, and new information that he's working on a new album of Motown covers. I'm happy about that, but I'm a bit disappointed that he won't be putting a slightly different spin on them. Having him sing them exactly the way they were done doesn't sound as inspired as it could be. But, I'll wait to hear them to pass full judgement. I'll admit that I'm not that crazy about his cover of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A'Changing", so there's no guarantee I'll love them just because it's Phil. However, I do love his cover of "You Can't Hurry Love", so you never know.

Monday, November 23, 2009

gotta be stealth if you're going to catch a feather

Yep, another cat video. Kitty stalking a feather. Pretty kitty too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

sending out sympathy

I was going to write a restaurant review today, but before I had a chance to do that, I was made aware of a situation that has pretty much taken away any desire I have to write about that experience.

Instead, I'm offering the video below. I don't know what's appropriate, but that's what I came up with. There's a particular situation that I'm sending this out for - to parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends - with the hope that prayers, good thoughts, and best wishes from this stranger, added to those coming from a lot of other people, can help those in need in some small way.

May God be with those who need Him the most right now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Golden Bear eats the Bird, chopping down Tree in process

The Big Game denotes the annual college football game between rivals California Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinals. (And no, I don't believe in spelling "Stanford" wrong. I don't really get that. Now, while I was at Cal, I did come up with an alternate name for Stanford - U.C.P.A - annexing them as the University of California at Palo Alto. And as much as I dislike USC, I don't spell their name with a dollar sign either. But I digress...) No matter how each team is doing in a particular year, this is still an important game, pretty much for bragging rights. And each team's record so far has no real bearing on the expected outcome of the game - just because one team has a much better record doesn't mean they'll win. I remember one year, Cal had something like only one or two wins, and Stanford was doing well and on the verge of going to a bowl game - but when Cal ended up beating Stanford, Stanford lost their chance to play in a bowl game. Good times.

This year, it wasn't quite the same situation. Cal had more than one or two wins, but overall, they weren't doing very well. Stanford, however, was having a decent season, and there was even talk that they had a shot at going to the Rose Bowl. Well, after Cal beat Stanford tonight by a score of 34 to 28, things are not so much coming up roses for Stanford.

Go Cal! The Axe is ours!

Friday, November 20, 2009

How about a movie and some cake?

I happen to be a fan of the movie "The Princess Bride". There are a ton of great lines and scenes from the movie, but there is one particular scene that has had specific significance for me for some time now.

Oh, and after the movie, how about a slice of cake?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

L.A. radio

I had to get a new battery for my car the other day, and when they were all done, I got in the car to drive to work. I turned the radio on and was annoyed that all my radio presets were gone - and then it occurred to me that since they had to actually take out the old battery before putting in the new one, yeah, that would have wiped out my presets.

OK, so it's a hassle to reprogram everything, but I've done it before, in other cars when I've had them long enough that I needed a new battery.

And as I started to program in radio stations, I realized I had a problem. I couldn't remember what all the stations were. I listen to so little radio nowadays that I was mostly using the same couple of presets to switch between channels, and I had no idea what stations were programmed into the filler ones.

I came up with 3 FM stations off the top of my head.

1. KROQ - I listen to Kevin and Bean, and mostly because of that, I've gotten to know and mostly like the music that the station plays, so I sometimes listen to the music itself. And they have Loveline at night, Sunday through Thursday.

2. K-EARTH - They're an "oldies" station, but for better or for worse, music from the 80s and 90s count as oldies now, so I like a lot of what they play.

3. I found a good channel that's mostly blank so that it works well for me to play my iPod. There are a few places I've encountered (including a stretch by my work) where I have to stop the iPod for a bit because the static is too bad, but otherwise, it's worked well for me.

And I came up with 2 AM stations off the top of my head.

1. KABC - I've had this on my presets forever because it was always the Dodgers station, and there have been various talk shows over the years on the station that I like. Now, I listen to them because of Frosty, Heidi and Frank.

2. ESPN - That's pretty much my go-to sports station. And they have the Lakers too.

And then I stopped and had to think hard about what other stations to add. And it took me a really long time to figure it out. I used to have KOST and KBIG on my presets, but I don't think they're around anymore. At least, I fiddled with the dial and looked for them but didn't really run across anything, but I was also driving so I could only fiddle so much.

I figured out 3 more AM stations to add.

1. KNX 1070 - They're a news station, so I need one of those.

2. KFI - I used to listen to them a lot but stopped several years ago. I'm not even sure who has shows on there anymore, but since I have the room, I figured I'd just put them as a preset.

3. KLAC - They're a sports channel as well, so having a second sports place is good.

I think I just realized that I should put KFWB on there as well. They're *mostly* a news station still, I think. I just have to remember their location when I'm in the car so I can set it.

I have 6 AM stations that I can program, but I have 12 FM stations that I can put in. And I mostly blanked on any other FM stations to put in. I don't do KIIS or POWER 106. I gave up KLOS years ago because I was so pissed off at what Mark and Brian were doing that I vowed not to listen to the station at all. I might go back on that and just listen when M&B aren't on since I actually like the music they play. Oh, JACK-FM, that's the station I was trying to think of the other day. I remember liking their stuff. Gotta remember their location so I can program it too.

Radio in Los Angeles ain't what it used to be.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

kitty vs. cop - who do you think wins?

If you're going to watch this video at work, you might want to shut the door so as not to alarm your co-workers. If you don't have a door, then you should shove a napkin in your mouth to stifle the outbursts of laughter.

This video is just too damn funny.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

magical memories - themed dinner nights at Cal

This probably counts more as an "amused memory" as opposed to a true magical one, but when I was remembering and thinking about it, I did have some realizations about how habits and inclinations present then are still in evidence now. And it was pretty memorable at the time in any case.

I think I've already mentioned that when I went to Cal, I actually lived in a dorm of another college, in a nearby city. That college had one extra dorm building available, so they rented out that space to Cal since Cal was notoriously lacking in student housing. Well, that meant that the Cal students kind of congregated together, and the students from the other college congregated together, and with a few exceptions, this was also true in the dining room during meals - Cal students sat and ate with Cal students and other college students sat and ate with other college students.

Well, the college made a couple of attempts to try to get the two groups to mingle, and these manifested themselves in the form of themed dinner nights. They'd pick some unifying food topic - like Mexican, for example - and they'd decorate the dining room and have food all themed to that. They seemed to think that putting everything in a more festive mood would make everyone want to mingle more. Nope, that didn't really work.

The next time they tried this, they then handed out tickets with numbers of them. Ummm, ok, what's with that? I then found out that they were table designations - they were going to force us to mingle by telling us where we needed to sit, so that people from each of the two groups would be seated at the same table. That also meant that I and people I liked to sit with were at totally different tables.

Yeah, good luck with that.

I wasn't big on sitting at a table with people I didn't really know and also didn't have that much in common with. I was used to sitting with a number of different people at meals - not always the same people, but at least from a larger group that I knew and liked - and I liked it that way. If I got to the dining room, and none of the people I might sit with were there, I usually then just went and sat at an empty table. And really, I was in college. I wasn't a little kid anymore. I was away from home and on my own - to some degree. I didn't appreciate being told that I had to be sociable with people I didn't feel like being sociable with, and for no other reason then that someone randomly decreed it. I didn't like being forced to "make friends". So, I didn't.

A few of us weren't keen on the whole "you will sit THERE" attempt, and we noticed that some of the tables in the very back were empty, free of themed tablecloths and decorations. The dining room was never full, and there were always many more tables available than people there, so they didn't bother setting up the ones in the back. So some of us headed for those tables. And we sat together. And then when others noticed that we were doing it, they came over and sat with us as well instead of at their assigned tables, and others came by after they were done eating, just to hang out. And pretty soon, we had a group of Cal students at the bare, undecorated, ordinary tables, away from the rest of the people.

Yeah, we were rabble-rousers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

how not to get out of a ticket

Not only was this man an idiot, he was pretty cruel too. A "prank" phone call is one thing. But telling a mother that her son is hurt? That's not funny, no matter how you look at it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Boston - walking tour of the North End

October 2009. Boston.

OK, this should be my last entry about the Boston trip, barring some major thing that I realize later that I completely forgot to talk about. (Yeah, I know, I haven't talked about the concert itself, but I don't have much to say. It was awesome, and the meet-and-greet was especially fun. And besides, someone else does great write-ups about Rockapella concerts, so there's no need for me to do one.)

So the day after the concert, we decided to do a little sightseeing around Boston. Our hotel wasn't too far from a subway station, so we made our way over there and took the necessary trains to our destination. Well, as it turned out, we ended up taking a couple of trains. We only had like 4 stops to the station we needed to get off at. We took a train, but it turned out that it was only going to two more stations before being taken off, so we got off 2 stations away from where we needed to be. Then we got on another train, but THAT train was only going to the next station before being taken off, so we got off 1 station away from where we needed to be. And we waited for the next train. And the next train came by and dropped off its passengers because it was the last stop for that train. Great, we were APPARENTLY stuck at the station where trains go to die. We were at that station for maybe 10 minutes or so before a train came by that would actually take us to the next station, so we got on it. We had to take 3 trains to go 4 stops. Ugh.

We had finally arrived at our destination - the North End. We wandered a bit on the way, but our first stop was at the Old North Church.

Appropriately, there was a large statue of Paul Revere at the courtyard entrance to the grounds of the Old North Church.

Statue of Paul Revere. The church itself is barely visible against the background of the sky.

In the courtyard, there were various informational things about Paul Revere and the other players in the whole "one if by land, two if by sea" saga.

And then, it was onto the grounds of the Old North Church.

Gate onto Old North Church grounds.

The church itself is pretty amazing. It's beautiful, but it's also pretty awe-inspiring to think about the history of the place.

Inside the Old North Church.

There was a guy inside who gave a little talk about the history of the church, and he invited us to take seats inside the pews. They were actually boxes, which was pretty cool.

View from inside one of the box pews.

After the talk, we had a chance to walk around the church, though we weren't allowed to go up to the second floor. But the organ looked amazing.

The organ at the Old North Church.

I hadn't known that the church was still operating as a regular church. I think it would be really cool to attend an actual service there. If I find myself in Boston again, it's something I'll definitely try to do at that time.

After spending some time wandering around inside the church, we went to the gift shop next door. I've already written about that particular experience.

We wandered around a bit more and then realized that Paul Revere's house was nearby, so we headed over there.

On the way, we happened to pass a group of people on Segways. I have no idea why they were on them, but they caught my attention because the husband and I took a Segway tour of part of Epcot when we were at Walt Disney World a couple years ago, and I *loved* the Segway.

There was a fee to go inside Paul Revere's house and the yard area, and we didn't really have a lot of time, so we decided not to do that.

The front of Paul Revere's house.

We decided to stop for brunch at that point. Afterward, we then wandered over to Faneuil Hall marketplace.

There were a line of carriages available for rides. I thought this one was particularly pretty. It reminded me of a lovely horse and carriage ride that the husband and I took through Central Park a couple years ago.

We then went inside the Great Hall.

Inside the Great Hall at Faneuil Hall.

We walked by Sam's Cafe and Cheers.

We walked around some more, and then we ended up at the harbor, and we looked around there.

Doesn't this woman have a nice backpack?

This was on the harbor. I have no idea why. It was just funny.

It was then time to head back to the hotel. We ended up having a difficult time finding a subway station, so we wandered around a bit more than we had planned in search of one, but we eventually located one and didn't run into the same train problems we'd encountered early that morning. Then, it was off to the airport to wait for our flight back to Los Angeles.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Domo tissue dispenser

The husband and a friend and I were hanging out today, and we wandered around a store that I like. And then I saw an item that I then pointed out to them as I was trying really hard not to laugh too hysterically. Thanks to Mox for letting me use the picture he took.

Do I really need to say anything other than: the Japanese are whack.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Google finds water on the moon

OK, not really. Here's the actual information. But Google's logo for the occasion is really cool.

And then, if you hover the cursor over the image, it tells you why you're seeing the image.

Yeah, I know, I'm a dork because I'm more excited about Google's logo than the actual findings themselves. Hey, whatever comes out of the discovery probably isn't going to make any impact on my life, and if it does, it would be minimal and in the distant future. Google's logo amuses me now. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Radisson Boston - hotel review

October. Boston.

OK, you know the setting. My friend and I were trying to figure out where to stay in Boston. I'd never been before and so knew nothing about the city. I thought it might be nice to stay close to the Berklee Performance Center since we were going to see a show there. Well, it turns out that since it was kinda close to Fenway Park in the middle of the Boston Red Sox's pennant run, rooms were a bit difficult to find and fairly expensive to boot. We'd be sharing the room, so that halved the cost, but that didn't mean we wanted to pay the price of one regular room for just our share of the room.

We found a hotel that we thought might suit our needs, but then my friend ended up getting a really good deal at the Radisson Hotel Boston because of her membership.

The hotel has a parking structure, though the spaces themselves and the layout of the multi-floored structure were a bit odd. We arrived about mid-afternoon and drove around a bit before finding a space. There's an elevator in the structure that takes you down to the main floor, and then you have to enter other doors to get into the lobby of the hotel. At one point during our stay, when it was a bit later at night, we discovered that the doors from the parking elevator to the lobby were closed, so we had to go around to the valet parking entrance to get inside the lobby.

And there are stairs everywhere - coming in from the parking elevator, there's a couple steps down to get to the elevator area for the hotel itself, and then a few more steps to get to the main lobby area and then yet more steps to get to the reservation desks. Being from California where wheelchair accessibility is fairly common, it was a bit odd to encounter so many steps (which we noticed because we were pulling our rolling luggage) as that would not be wheelchair friendly at all, but then Boston is a much older city, and I expect this hotel has been around for a while.

The room itself was very nice, with two beds - I can't remember if they were doubles or queens. There was a little balcony area outside the room that we peeked at.

The view from the balcony. No, I have no idea what the view is of.

The view looking in a different direction. I'm not sure that the water from the harbor is readily visible in this picture. You could tell when looking out the window.

The room was clean and comfortable and suitable for our needs. The showerhead in the bathroom was extremely high up, so it was pretty much raining on me when I took a shower, but I find that a lot of hotels are set up that way. Too bad for us short people who don't prefer to be rained on.

The hotel ended up being fairly conveniently situated. We had a lovely dinner at Rustic Kitchen, which is pretty much right next door, across the covered driveway, and the hotel site even refers to Rustic Kitchen as on-site dining. Then just a couple blocks away, there's the lovely Finale. And the nearest subway entrance is only a couple blocks away as well, so that's convenient for travelling around Boston. We ended up taking a cab to Berklee, and that worked out just fine.

I will admit that I have no idea what the regular pricing is on the room, but I definitely would consider staying at the Radisson again on a future visit.

Thanks to Sherry for letting me share her room with her.

Radisson Hotel Boston
200 Stuart Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 482-1800

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Dollhouse" of cards comes tumbling down

Joss Whedon's new show about programmable people, "Dollhouse", was barely picked up for a second season, but before lunch today, I got Variety's alert that the show had been officially cancelled.

The news wasn't good when the show was pulled for November sweeps, but hope remained that the show would survive. However, the ratings haven't been great, DVR numbers notwithstanding, and the show will be allowed to complete its 13-episode run, and all the episodes are expected to be aired on television before the presumed DVD release of the second season.

I'm sad that the show will be done soon, but I am glad that they at least got the extra 13 episodes. Without that, we would never have seen the amazing Jonathan Frakes-directed episode showing how Priya/"Sierra" came to be in the dollhouse.

Joss has a little time to decide how he wants to wrap the series. We'll have the two seasons of episodes on DVD. And we'll always have "Epitath 1".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google celebrates Sesame Street's 40th

For the past week or so, Google has featured logos in celebration of Sesame Street's 40th birthday. Since today is the actual birthday, today's logo features quite a few of the Sesame Street characters. Really cute.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Google logos

I've written quite a bit about the cool logos that Google does on their main page to salute various things. A friend alerted me to this site that has a compilation of their cool logos, international as well.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Luxo, Jr. - convicted felon

There had been a story a little while ago that Pixar's logo of the Luxo, Jr. lamp was being contested in a lawsuit. Well, the lawsuit has now been settled, but in the article, they mentioned a short parody film of the opening used in Pixar films featuring Luxo, Jr.

O.M.Bob. This film is just too frickin' funny. And ingenious. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Jennifer's Body" - spoiler movie review

I've previously mentioned how I became interested in seeing this film. However, when I actually went to see "Jennifer's Body", I decided that bringing Gloomy with me was more appropriate than bringing Teddy. And boy, was I ever right.

The film was a lot more bloody than I even expected, so there were bits I did not watch. (And even though in the one scene in the abandoned house, ripping apart of the one boy was done as a silhouette behind a white sheet, I still didn't watch it.) Generally, I thought it was a decent film with an interesting premise. I had thought from the trailer and such that Megan Fox's character, Jennifer, was born a demon, so I was surprised when during the course of the film, it was revealed that she became a demon because she was used as an inappropriate virgin ritual sacrifice by members of a band hoping to gain success. Ooops. I thought it was interesting that she wasn't necessarily completely evil - she really just killed when she needed to feed to keep herself alive, every couple of days. I loved the make-up job on her, making her pale and gaunt when she hadn't fed in a while.

I'm definitely a fan of Amanda Seyfried, and I really enjoyed her performance in this film. They did dress her seriously down to make her look bookish and dowdy, but she was really pretty in "Mamma Mia". She's probably not considered as hot as Megan Fox, but I think she's got a very different look, that innocent "girl next door" thing going for her. But that horrid formal dress they put on her? Ugh!

And yes, the teenage boys at the screening that we went to were hooting and hollering during the kissing scene between the two girls. OK, guys, put in back in your pants and settle down.

There was one scene early on that was made all the funnier for the husband and my friends because I was there. Needy and her boyfriend were talking about bands, and I think it was Needy who said something about there being no well-known drummers. The boyfriend mentioned Don Henley and then mentioned Phil Collins, which made me really happy - and then in the next second, Needy said "who"? I hadn't even had the chance to really enjoy Phil being mentioned in a movie when he was totally slammed by the character not even knowing who he was. The husband and friends laughed at me REAL HARD. Oh well, it was funny.

I probably wouldn't recommend the film for those who are squeamish, but I thought the story was decent for a horror film. However, I will say that it's not an appropriate film to bring toddlers and small children to, something that several parents in the audience thought it was ok to do.