Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween costume

I am not a costume person.

I've never been into costumes. My parents didn't really get the whole Halloween thing when I was a kid, so we never really had costumes when we would actually go out for trick or treating. I've done costumes for plays and such, but otherwise, I'm usually one of the people at a Halloween party who doesn't wear a costume. It doesn't mean I'm a party pooper or that I have no idea how to have a good time like some militant costume people have spouted - it's just not my thing.

But for some reason, I apparently became a costume person this year. OK, so it was a really simple minor costume instead of some elaborate thing, but I actually made an attempt.

Disney has had a Halloween event for the last couple years, which includes a separately-ticketed event at DCA on a couple nights in October. I've been every year and never worn a costume. The husband and I have gone to Mickey's Halloween Treat every year in just regular clothes and still had the best time. For some reason, this year, they decided to change the name to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party, even though it's exactly the same thing. We were going to be meeting up with various friends during the course of the event.

Sometime earlier this year, I had actually come up with a rather strange idea for a costume, completely out of the blue. I have a plug-in cup warmer at work, and I wanted to get something like that, but one that was battery-powered so I wouldn't have the plug to deal with. Then I was going to get one of those squishy balls shaped and painted to look like the earth. I would put the earth ball on the cup warmer (without the batteries since I didn't actually want to melt the ball) and - voila - my costume is global warming! Well, I never really got around to getting the cup warmer.

About a week and a half before the event, I happened upon a new costume idea, which sort of took shape haphazardly. So, when we went to the event this past Friday night, I was actually costumed.

First, I started by getting this t-shirt from thinkgeek.

You do know the significance of a red shirt in the "Star Trek" universe, right?

I wore black leggings and black tennis shoes with the t-shirt.

And then last weekend, the husband and I were in Michael's, and we were wandering the aisles looking for things we needed, but then I happened to wander into the aisle with boas. Hmmm, maybe I need to dress up my outfit. If I'm going to be a red-shirt sacrifice on the planet, I should go out looking good, right? So I picked up a feather boa that looked something like this.

The boa I got actually had more gold highlights in it, which I like better. This one is a little too subtle.

Now, those who actually know me know that I'm not a feather boa kind of person. I'm not a frilly girl and have never had an occasion to need a boa. Heck, even in this situation, I didn't need a boa. So why did I decide to add a boa to my make-shift costume? I have no idea. I don't know quite how weird I looked with that particular outfit, but hey, it was a costume, so you can wear things you wouldn't normally wear, right? Yeah, no, I don't get it either.

And to complete the outfit, I brought someone to protect me from actually being killed on the planet.

This is Q, dressed from the pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint". Hey, our colors even matched, mostly. Q looks a bit weird in this picture, but my Q is actually cuter.

I don't think anyone else knew what my costume was, but my friends seemed to enjoy the joke of my shirt. I don't think anyone asked why I had the boa. Q seemed to go over pretty well, even with those who had no idea who he was.

So, there was my costumed event, and I don't expect I'll be doing another costume anytime soon.

Oh, and if I got any girlie points for buying and wearing the boa on Friday night, I think I lost them again on Sunday night. On the way home, we decided to stop for dinner. The husband gave me the choice of Mimi's or T.G.I. Friday's. I picked Friday's because I figured they'd still have the Sunday Night Football game on.

Did I mention I'm not a girlie girl, feather-boa-ownership aside?

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dodie said...

YAY!!! I love the costume! And you definitely get extra points for the boa, even though you stopped to watch football. Hmmm...I wonder whether it was Q who kept you from being sacrificed or if it was the boa that scared the bad guys away?