Saturday, October 4, 2008

Only Justice

We were out with friends having a great time last night when a friend passed along the info that the verdict in the Simpson Las Vegas trial came down - guilty on all counts. I was stunned. I really didn't expect it to come out that way.

And here's a "feel sorry for me" quote from Simpson:

"I'm afraid that I won't get to go to my kids' college graduations after I managed to get them through college."

Those kids are managing to get through college without their mother, and they will have to manage to get married and have their own kids and live out the rest of their lives without the love, support and guidance of their mother. Nicole will have no ability to influence her children except through their memories of her.

A friend mentioned that hopefully, a life sentence will be handed down, and we'll never have to hear of Simpson again. As wonderful as that sounds, I have my doubts. Like a cockaroach, he seems to manage to creep back into the limelight no matter what.

Rot in jail and then hell, I say.

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