Saturday, November 22, 2008

Which classic arcade game are you?

I found this quiz from another person's blog to determine which classic arcade game you are, based on your answers to questions.

And here's my result.

You are Popeye. You spend your time chasing the heart of unattractive people with annoying voices.  You're unnaturally muscled, and have a strange fetish for spinach.
Which Classic Arcade Game Are You?

I *seriously* object. "Chasing the heart of unattractive people", I suppose, could be subjective. But annoying voices? No, annoying-voiced people annoy me. "Unnaturally muscled"? HAVE YOU MET ME? (OK, maybe some of you haven't, but trust me, I am not muscled, either naturally or unnaturally.) "Strange fetish for spinach". OK, I am not a fan of spinach. I am trying to remember to no longer say that I hate spinach because that's not true - I found that I actually like raw spinach, and I like *some* cooked spinach, like in spankyourpitas, but generally, blob of cooked spinach that passes as the vegetable portion of a meal is not my idea of a good time.

Warning to one friend in particular - if you decide to take this quiz, there is one question that is going to

Oh, and btw - since when the *foxtrot* is Popeye a "classic arcade game"?

I want a recount.


Andrew said...

"You are Q-bert. You have a penchant for organization and color-coding, but are very prone to swearing. You like to retrace your steps."

That's completely and scarily accurate.

Sherry said...

I'm not sure if I want to take this test. What if *I'm* the friend that will get pissed off? I'm trying to stay in my post-spa relaxation state, although that's not really working. But Andrew's is accurate. I don't know. Congratulations, Q-bert!