Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" - November 17, 2008 episode

Sarah is sick with a fever, probably due to some kind of flu bug, and the illness makes her have nightmares, one that involves Cromartie still being alive, and one incorporating a turtle that she saved when they were on their way back from Mexico. Sarah's nightmares disturb her, so she makes a return visit to Dr. Sherman, but he is unable to help her when she doesn't want to discuss John and Cameron, even though she says that she's obsessed with a triangle of dots. He says that he won't be able to help her until she decides to be honest with him.

Because Sarah is so sick, John and Cameron go back by themselves to destroy the remains of Cromartie, but they are surprised to find them gone. John figures out that only one other person knew Cromartie's parts were there - Ellison. They pay a visit to Ellison, and Cameron throws him around his house (that was fun to watch, but she made a mess with all the stuff she broke) and comes close to choking him to death before John stops her, believing Ellison's claim that he had nothing to do with moving Cromartie's remains. I loved that at the end of the fight, Cameron flips Ellison onto his stomach, in a gesture similar to what Sarah did with the turtle. Cameron had asked John why Sarah had done that, and he said it was because when they see something in trouble, they try to help. Cameron's symbolic flipping of Ellison (even though she probably meant it to be literal since she didn't understand that people, unlike turtles, can survive while lying on their backs) was pretty cool. After Cameron exits, John sees a picture - THE picture of Sarah with the dog in the jeep, when she was pregnant with John - and John takes it. Why does Ellison have that picture? I thought Sarah gave it to Kyle? No, wait, Kyle had it in the future, and I think John gave it to him, so it makes sense that John has it now, but I can't remember if we saw the picture again after it was originally taken.

Derek is summoned by Jesse, who has captured a man that she tells Derek is Charles Fisher, a man who was a traitor to the human race and worked with Skynet and has been sent back by Skynet for some unknown purpose. Derek doesn't recognize the guy, who denies that he's Charles Fisher, and Derek won't let Jesse do anything to him until they're sure. Jesse decides to prove that the man is who she says he is by bringing the real Charles Fisher, from the current timeline, and showing that they have the same birthmark. Derek still isn't quite convinced, but using a technique that would make Jack Bauer proud, Derek starts torturing the younger version of Fisher to get the older man to talk, which he eventually does, admitting that he is indeed Charles Fisher. It's revealed that Fisher was in prison at the time of Judgement Day, which is why he survived, and when the terminators found him, they gave him the choice of helping him or die, and he chose the former. Jesse tells Derek that Fisher used a human as a test subject to teach the terminators how to talk to and interact with humans. Jesse then admits that it wasn't her who was the torture subject - it was Derek, though he has no memory of it. Derek is about to kill the younger Fisher when Jesse kills the older Fisher. After Derek buries the body, he and Jesse agree that they had to let the younger Fisher go. They still can't figure out how Jesse says that she and Derek talked about his torture for so long and yet Derek remembers none of it, and Derek then posits the possibility that they came from different futures, that in the future Jesse came from, Derek was tortured, but because Derek has now changed things in the present, he might also have changed the future, and in his future, maybe he wasn't tortured. I loved that idea. Since things are changing, who's to say that everyone from the future is from the same timeline? But I'm still suspicious about Jesse, and why she killed the older Fisher. We still don't know what she's up to or why she had those pictures of John and Cameron or the circumstances surrounding her arrival in the present timeline.

Sarah admits to John that it was her fault Cromartie found him. She tells him about the boy in the bowling alley that she let live, and that Cromartie found him and got the information out of him. John reassures her that they are not murderers, but she says that the boy was probably killed by Cromartie nonetheless.

Charles Fisher is going to work (I was wondering if he worked for Catherine's company, but you couldn't tell from what they showed), and he's intercepted by the FBI, and he's questioned about unauthorized entrances into the facility at odd hours. Fisher swears it wasn't him, but we are shown that it was the older Fisher who gained entrance, since it was just a fingerprint and retina scan that was needed, no badge. He went in and hacked into the computers and inserted some kind of virus program that they can't remove.

Ellison meets with Catherine, and he shows her what he has in the back of his trunk - Cromartie's remains. Cameron was right, and John was mistaken in believing Ellison. Ellison says that they need to take the thing apart and figure out a way to stop it so that the future can't repeat itself, but he's completely unaware that he has played directly into Catherine's hand, and that he is in fact doing what Cromartie said he would do - unwittingly helping Cromartie's mission. Ellison thinks he's helping prevent the war but instead, he is actually helping to ensure that Judgement Day goes forward.

Sarah is in the shed, looking at the clues on the wall again, and she realizes that a triangle of dots is right next to Dr. Sherman's name. What does that mean?

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