Thursday, November 20, 2008


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OK, now that *that's* out of the way...

We have plans to see the new movie "Bolt" with some friends tomorrow (Friday) night, and when we were with one of the friends this past Saturday night, I mentioned something about going to see the puppies soon. The husband corrected me that there would really be only one puppy in the movie, as opposed to, say, "101 Dalmatians". The friend said he thought I was talking about the puppy-cam, which invariably elicited my slowly-spoken question of "what puppy cam"? And he told me about this link where you can see six little puppies, three boys and three girls. The cam runs during certain hours, and during off-hours, they have a slide-show running.

They are the cutest puppies! They just turned 6 weeks old earlier this week.

Live Videos by Ustream

I've never heard of this breed before, but then, I'm not all that knowledgeable about different dog breeds. They look a little like baby wolves to me.

Here's a recent article about them.


Sherry said...

Yay! Puppies! Oh, and yes, there were, indeed, more than 1 puppy in "Bolt." Awesome movie. Too much stuff to blog. Too busy to do it. ACK.

Ilene said...

One of Arg's favorite birthday gifts was given by two brothers in his Gymboree class. It's a puppy veterinarian kit and it has a little stuffed puppy with a doggie carrier, stethescope, ear checker, bone, clippers and I think a few other items. Arg absolutely loves the thing and talks about "checking on his puppy to see how it is doing", etc. Of course, it's not a real puppy but it so cute how he talks about it.