Friday, July 3, 2009

When did Minnie Mouse become a can-can dancer?

So we were back at Disneyland tonight (we were there on Thursday night as well, to see the special independence celebration fireworks show, which was AWE.SOME, BTW, but I digress...), and then we were heading out of the park later in the evening to go home. There's a merchandising kiosk to the right of the tunnel, to the right of the Main Street Train Station, just before you go under the railroad tracks. It's a pretty small kiosk, usually with just little knickknacks and stuff. Well, they had one particular merchandise item in demo mode, presumably to attract customers to purchase it.

Here's the very short video I took of the item in action. It's a fairly crude video since it was taken on my phone, so apologies up front for that, and ignore the people in the background and such since they don't figure into this.

Who in the world thought this was a good idea? I mean, I know spinnies are quite popular, and Disneyland has a ton of different styles. But a spinnie that has Minnie's dress flying up and showing her undergarments? That's just wrong. It really makes me wonder if the merchandising department thought this through at all.

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