Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new Rubik's Cube - now tastier

Remember Rubik's Cube, that toy that was really popular WAAAAAAYYYYYYY back in the 80s? I remember kids were totally obsessed with them, and I think teachers hated them because kids would bring them to school and play with them and totally ignore the class. Teachers would take them away from kids, and I remember one of my teachers had something like 5 or 6 in her drawer at one point.

I liked playing with it, but I sucked at it. I never figured it out, and I'd only be able to solve it by cheating - taking the cube apart and then putting it back together again with the pieces in the right place. Problem was, after you'd taken it apart too many times, it got too loose and so wouldn't stay together anymore, and once you'd put it back together and tried to move any of the rows - the thing would explode apart.

I had one friend, Gilbert, who was great at it. After a while, it took him seconds to do it. And yeah, he got in lots of trouble with teachers.

Anyway, someone has now figured out a much tastier version of that age-old toy.

OK, so it's not that hard to make, and you really can't eat it as a sandwich, but it just looks cool! Here's the link to the page about the "Rubix Cubewich".

The site itself is pretty awesome. I'm going to have to go back sometime and go through all of it. So far, I like The Breakfast Club Sandwich (but you can hold the mayo and brew) and The Giftwich (how can you go wrong with a Reuben?), but I *really* like The Duck N' Roll. Yummy!

The Patty Failburger is just plain funny.

I'm iffy on The Twinkie Torpedo, but I'm really not on board with The All-Mint Patty Burger.

Great site!

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