Monday, July 20, 2009

I hatched a hippo!

There's a game on Facebook that I discovered a while ago. I think one of my friends was playing it, and the pictures looked cute, so I thought I'd check it out. The game is called Hatchlings, and you basically go looking in people's nests for eggs. There are a number of ways to get access to people's nests. Some eggs can only be used to feed your pets. Most eggs can be incubated, and then they'll hatch into something, and while you can sometimes tell what's going to hatch, you can't always. I've been playing for a couple months now, and it's a nice little diversion. Your pets have to be fed regularly - 10 eggs means they're totally full, but they lose an egg every 12 hours, so you have to replenish them by feeding them eggs. If a pet starves, then it runs away.

What I like most about this game are the things that you can hatch. They have all manner of things, mostly animals, and some I'm not crazy about, but I thought I'd show you some of my favorite pets. Beside or behind each pet, you can see what the egg looked like that they hatched from.

If you haven't noticed by now, I love cats, so I really like the little black kitty.

And this kitty kinda reminds me of a siamese, but I just think it's really pretty.

On the last round, they had some beach-themed eggs, and from that collection, I hatched a starfish and a crab, and I liked them enough to keep them.

It's not all cuteness and fun that are hatched from the eggs. Some are downright weird or ugly or creepy, and I don't keep those. You can also release hatched pets into the wild, which pretty much means you're getting rid of them. But there are other pets that fall less in the cute category that I still like.

This ghost almost counts in the cute category since it's just a funny image. I *love* the egg though - it's invisible!

And definitely not so much "cute", but Jason, as I've named this pet, is just cool.

Here's one that I thought was really funny. And yeah, you could pretty much tell from the egg what it was going to hatch into.

But today, I saw a pet in random person's account that caught my eye. I hoped to get one of the eggs to hatch, and after playing for a while, I did end up getting it. I don't think the design on the egg matches what it hatches into, but that's ok, because I hatched a hippo!

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Sherry said...

HippopoTAmus! Yay!

I really like the bats that go with the black kitty.