Sunday, July 12, 2009

things that spin in a circle

So, there has APPARENTLY been some confusion amongst some people about how particular amusement park rides work. So, to clear up that confusion, I thought I'd present the following examples.

Here is an example of how ferris wheels work. One will note that it is bolted to the ground and spins in a sort of vertical fashion. This video is particularly interesting because the ferris wheel runs on man power - some guys climb up to the top and then shift their weight around, and that's what sets the wheel in motion.

And here is an example of a carousel. One will note that unlike the ferris wheel, the carousel spins in a sort of horizontal fashion. Having the carousel spin in a vertical fashion like the ferris wheel would be a BAD THING.

I hope that clears everything up.

(Yeah, I know, Kevin is never going to read this. Nor will Ron Jeremy, for that matter.)

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Sherry said...

I would just be happy if John or George read it. They're the WORST at this!