Monday, February 16, 2009

with rain comes beauty

I was off work today for the holiday, so I spent most of the day home and luckily, out of the pounding storm that dropped a ton of rain. It was pouring hard for much of the day, and when it wasn't actually pouring, the rain came down in big fat heavy drops, flung by the wind into the windows, like someone was throwing little water balloons.

But then, in the early afternoon, even when it was still raining, the sun came out, and the combination of the two meant the appearance of a pretty rainbow.

The left side of the rainbow can be seen above the houses across the street. At times, the lighting was just right that the colors on the rainbow became very vibrant.

Here's a view that shows more of the rainbow stretched across the sky.

The right end of the rainbow disappears behind the trees.

The rain pretty much went away after that, and most of the clouds even went away. I know the rain isn't done, but it was nice to see the rainbow.

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