Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can we get another plane, please?

Last summer, my niece had a very interesting experience. She was on a business trip and was flying Air Tran. Here's her description of what happened.

We were scheduled to leave at 6 am, thus board at 5:30 am. At around 5:45 am the gate attendant made an announcement over the loud speaker...something like "In case you haven't looked outside, the tail and the wing of the plane that you were about to fly on has FALLEN OFF. We will have to reschedule all of you on a later flight". Everyone was taking photos of it, even pilots and flight attendants from other airlines. It was so insane! We all got free flights out of it, but we ended up missing our connection in Atlanta because of the delay.

Here are the two pictures she took, with her captions included.

I had to go to Dallas for work and before takeoff, the tail of the plane we were supposed to be on FELL OFF. im serious. it FELL ONTO THE GROUND. note the broken wing also on the floor. They gave us a free round trip flight because of what happened, but not sure if I'm diggin the air tran right now.

Broken tail and wing!

I don't know that I would have been comfortable getting on *ANY* airplane after seeing that!


Sean Yoda Rouse said...

Talk about an oops. One of the features of the 717 (and its predecessors, the MD-88, MD-80, and DC-9) is an emergency exit through the tail cone. Video here

In the photos you can see the evacuation slide sticking out the tail.

I would guess that the flight crew forgot to disarm the emergency exit and that someone else accidentally pulled the handle to deploy it.

Tim Castro said...

So, would that be considered a "feature" or a "bug"? :-D