Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my cave or yours?

Lots of people are having financial situations, and some people even say that, well, if they can't afford a house, they'll just go live in a cave. But they certainly couldn't afford to live in this cave.

The picture of the stairs is kind of nice, but that creepy yellow-lit hallway would be a deal breaker for me.

There would be the advantage, though, that if I didn't know something, and someone made fun of me by asking, "What, do you live in a cave?", I could actually answer in the affirmative and be telling the truth.

The article says that the cave is both heated and cooled, but I would think it would be too cold. I'm not a cold-weather person. And wouldn't there be critters wandering around and such?

And it's probably not something they think about a lot in Missouri, but having lived in California almost all of my life, I'd be terrified of earthquakes. There would really be no place to hide from the raining rocks.

And it would be really hard to find a "CAVE SWEET CAVE" sign.

And my commute would suck.

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