Friday, February 20, 2009

Frosty, Heidi and Frank - we'll see you soon

I can't remember when I started listening to Frosty and Frank, but it was when they were with Jamie White. I enjoyed the show, and even though I do like listening to Jamie to some degree, I also really enjoyed the rare shows when Jamie wasn't there, and it was just Frosty and Frank. And then there was this traffic girl named Heidi, who would do more than just the traffic, but she could never talk for very long because of time constraints, and I always wished there was more time for her to speak.

And then, one day, Frosty and Frank were gone, and Jamie was with Danny Bonaduce. Frosty and Frank disappeared.

And then years later, I found out that Frosty and Frank had been back on the air for a while, with a new third partner - Heidi! How perfect is that? And I've been listening to them ever since. Until after today.

KLSX, the station that Frosty, Heidi and Frank were on, has decided to change from being the only FM talk radio station (in Los Angeles at least) to being yet another boring Top 40 station. The switch-over happens today at 5pm. Today was Frosty, Heidi and Frank's final show, and I got to hear most of it, but the husband has also arranged to have it taped at home, so I'll be able to hear it again and hear the parts I missed.

The highlight for me has to be Frosty's song. Frosty has been working on a CD for some time but the joke is that he'll never be finished, and he rarely let anyone hear any of the songs. Today, he decided to sing one of the songs, even though he was scared that people would think it would suck. He said it wasn't his masterpiece song, but that it fit the theme of the day - the song was called "Endings". It was an amazingly beautiful song, and it did fit really well with the ending of the show. Frosty did a good job singing the song, and he later said that he did have trouble getting through it. When the song ended, there was not a sound from Heidi - I knew she was probably crying too hard to speak. Frank managed to make a joke about there being too much dust in the room and his allergies acting up - a cover-up for his tears. He barely was able to utter the out phrase to get them to a commercial, and he later admitted that he was bawling like a girl.

Frosty had apparently sang a different song previously at an event, but I never heard it. If this isn't his best, though, I can't imagine what the rest of his stuff sounds like. It was really a beautiful song, and as I was driving to work, I was crying in the car listening to it, but when the song ended, and I could hear that Frank was fighting through tears, I lost it.

The end of the show was pretty awesome too. Frank talks tough a lot, and he gives Frosty crap all the time, but Frank talked about how much he loved Frosty and Heidi (how ironic that Frank's parents FINALLY got internet and that this was the first show they were able to listen to?), even more than his family, and he was talking through his tears, and you could hear Heidi and Frosty crying too.

Unlike last time, Frosty, Heidi and Frank aren't disappearing without a sound. They have a presence on MySpace and FaceBook, and they have their own website, where they promise to update people when developments warrant. Frank also has a website, which he says will be broadcasting past shows every weekday from 10am to 2pm, so that'll be cool. I hope they play older stuff because there's a lot of old shows I've never heard.

Frosty, Heidi and Frank have put up an awesome farewell video on their site. It's really nicely done.

Frosty, Heidi and Frank from fhf video on Vimeo.

Frosty, Heidi and Frank - Thank you so much for the years of entertainment and laughs and tears and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moments. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

Frank - I remember when you first talked about being a dad. I couldn't believe it. But you have turned into a terrific dad, hitting the true mark since she's now told you that she hates you. :)

Heidi - I remember the whole mystery of "The Italian". I'm so happy that you've found love and happiness.

Frosty - You said that you would actually try to take care of yourself and not just sit at home and eat yourself to death. Please do what you said you'd do. That song you sang was amazing. I hope you really do finish the CD and share it with all of us.

I'll be waiting to hear where you guys will be next.


Anonymous said...

I heard the entire show today and it really did break my heart...much moreso than I even ever thought it would have. I've only been listening to them a year or so but man they are like good friends that are being taken away. I've been near tears all day and it is really really depressing. I wish I could email Frosty and I will keep trying to find a way to because I want him to know how healthy everyone wants him to be and how much success we wish him. Frosty is my favorite of the three for some reason even though I do love Heidi and Frank. Anyway, I guess if you know a way to get a hold of him, let me know please. And thanks because your article was very well written and I totally feel the way you do. Thanks again and heres my email if you know how to contact Frosty: Funk

Anonymous said...

What a terrific job you've done with this posting. I totally lost it when I heard Frank break up at the end, too. I've been listening to Frosty & Frank since they were in Denver, and FHF is a gem that I will miss terribly. Thanks for posting this. Great job...

Tim Castro said...

While I wasn't able to listen to the Triplets on a regular basis (I just can't listen to talk radio and concentrate 100% on my job), I did enjoy tuning into their show when I could. And while I didn't always agree with everything they said, I was always entertained.

And while this definitely is a sad day for broadcast radio, it pretty much was inevitable. Commercial radio is sinking fast. On the other hand, the Internet has made new types of broadcasting (e.g., podcasting, vodcasting, etc.) possible, and these vehicles are rising in popularity. People are now able to tune into their favorite shows "on demand" rather than having to listen to them in real time. (Frankly, I pretty much only listen to broadcast radio when I forget to bring my iPod along.)

I know that a lot of former and current radio hosts have already made the leap from broadcast radio to podcasting with various degrees of success. So, hopefully FHF will soon follow to this New Frontier and they'll be able to "Talk Soon" over the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to find the last 5-10 minutes of the show - does anyone know where I can find that?

Clown said...

I have a feeling they will end up in way or another!

Kori and Ken Pellman said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was thinking about writing my own this weekend... more about the station in general instead of FHF.


Anonymous said...

the people of la have been kicked to the curb, we need to boycott cbs

Anonymous said...

I was a listener to the show for many years. Recently I moved to the central coast of Ca. and am just out of radio range. Every week I had one day that I had to go to Santa Barbara and could again listen though it would fade in and out. Today I was devastated. There is nothing else on the air like FHF. Hope they surface soon somewhere.

Ryan Lamb said...

I had a busy day last Thursday and was unusually unable to listen to FHF. When I tuned "the dial" Monday at 10am, I was in for a surprise. I figured I hit some bumper music time. I came in 30 minutes only to find that the same crappy music was still being streamed. And then I heard it...the station's call letters. I hate to say it being a man and all, but I was sincerely crushed.

I share many of your sentiments and fond memories, Cindy. Now this is starting to feel like some eulogy. In any case, I'll miss the three of them and pray they don't leave socal. Being a San Diego resident, I had to really want to listen to them through all that static :)

stringfellow said...

I have listened to old FHF shows and what Frank Kramer is saying is just not true Unforetunenately. If you downloaded the KLSX FHF podcast from 2009 called "one more year". They said in the podcast that they where offered a take it of leave it contract. If FHF didn't sign it CBS would have put Danny Bonaduche in their time slot and FHF would have been out. So you see Kramer was omitting a lot on the last day at KLSX. I listen to FHF now and don't really care to ever listen to Tom Lykis again.