Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Man of La Mancha" - Reprise Theatre Company

We'd gone to see Reprise Theatre Company's production of "Once On This Island" last year, and I'd noticed that they were doing "Man of La Mancha" this year. I've heard of the show, but admittedly, I don't really know anything about it, so I didn't really have any interest in seeing it.

And then I found out that Brent Spiner would be the lead in the show. OK, then, guess we're going.

I've been following Brent since his "Star Trek: The Next Generation" days. I think I have the CD of the original Broadway recording of "Sunday in the Park with George", which Brent was in, and which Mandy Patinkin was in as well, but I've never listened to it - I really need to listen to that CD. I've seen Brent in a couple things since Next Generation went off the air (including the short-lived television show "Threshold") but for the most part, I haven't known what he's been up to. "Man of La Mancha" is being performed on the UCLA campus, same as "Once On This Island", so I figured it would be cool to see Brent in a live show.

Some people might not know that Brent can sing, but I also have his CD entitled "Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back", which I rather like. But on a side note, did you see what a used copy of that CD is going for? I could sell my copy and get THAT much money? Wow! Yeah, not gonna happen.

So, tickets to the show were purchased, and we're going to see it at the end of the month. I'd been following Wil Wheaton on Twitter, and then LeVar Burton showed up, and then LeVar got Brent to sign up for Twitter. Wow, how cool is that? Brent's actually been quite funny on Twitter - I forgot what a wicked and dry sense of humour he has. Brent's been a little quiet on Twitter lately because he's in rehearsals for the show, so he's a little busy.

I got an email from Reprise today since I'm on their mailing list, and lo and behold, they're advertising the show.

There's also a link to a video about the show, which includes interviews with the show's director and other show personnel. There's also a bit of footage of rehearsals, but unfortunately, no interview with Brent.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the show.

And speaking of looking forward to seeing shows, Reprise had announced last year that they'd be putting on a production of "Chess", which sounded interesting to me for various reasons. I had a note to myself that tickets would be going on sale later this month and that the show itself would be in May. Well, as I browsed around the Reprise site tonight, I noticed they're doing "The Fantasticks", which I've heard of but don't know anything about. And I noticed tickets were going on sale the same time as for "Chess". And then I saw the blurb at the bottom.

Well, ok then. Guess I can cross that off my list. I hope the "Tarzan" debacle didn't have anything to do with this show not being put on. Yeah, I know, it didn't, but I was supposed to have been seeing "Tarzan" next week in San Jose. *sigh*

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Sherry said...

That's too bad about Chess. I was really looking forward to that one. Maybe I'll spend the projected money for those on NKOTB in Santa Barbara. Hmmm....