Sunday, February 17, 2008

what is wrong with this picture?

I read a couple of advice columns for fun. There are times I wonder if people are just making stuff up. It's not necessarily the situation itself, but the fact that they would feel the need to write and ask.

Here's a situation that was posed recently:

I am involved with a man who had a girlfriend when I met him. He refuses to break up with her and refuses to break up with me. He says he has a good heart and that she has done nothing to deserve him leaving her, but that he wants me to prove my love over time "before giving up certainty for uncertainty." What do you suggest I do?

1. He had a girlfriend when you met up, and yet you took up with him anyway. Your fault just as much as his.

2. "He refuses to break up with me." So he's forcing you to speak to him and see him? Howzabout YOU break up with HIM?

3. "She has done nothing to deserve him leaving her." So what has she done to deserve him cheating on her? If she deserves for him to stay with her even though he's cheating on her, she must be a pretty awful person.

4. "What do you suggest I do?" Have your head examined.

See why I don't write advice columns anymore?

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