Thursday, February 14, 2008

showing a little love

A friend had sent me this link some time ago, and when I finally looked at it, I was seriously amazed. He probably sent me the link because he knows how much I love polar bears. This must have been an amazing experience, even though it was probably also terrifying. It reminded me a little of the stories I read ages ago about this beach in Australia or New Zealand (I forget which) where wild dolphins would just come up to people playing on the beach/in the water. (OK, it reminds me except for the whole danger aspect.) Yeah, the dolphins got some food, but they really seemed to just want to play with the people. Unfortunately, as word got out, it turned into a very serious tourist problem, so they had to start controlling it. The interaction with nature in the wild is just incredible.

Here's the link to a narrated slideshow video. The pictures are just incredible.

Thanks, Mox!

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