Friday, February 15, 2008

"Makin' It" I hadn't heard it in something like 20 years - until Wednesday, February 13, 2008. February 13 happens to be the birthday of David Naughton, who sang that song, and Ralph Garman on Kevin and Bean does a showbiz update at the top of each hour which includes mention of celebrity birthdays, and he mentioned David's birthday and how much he loved him and then they were playing "Makin' It". Kevin and Bean were making fun of Ralph because he knew all the words. Ummm, so do I. Still. At least the chorus, even though I haven't heard the song in so long.

Sing it with me:

I'm solid gold
I've got the goods
They stand when I walk through the neighborhoods

I'm makin' it
I've got the chance, I'm takin' it
No more, no more fakin' it
This time in life I'm makin' it

I don't know what the deal is with the video so just listen to the song.

So then it turns out that someone listening to the show is a friend of David's, so he called David and told him about it and to listen, and David ended up calling the show, so they talked to him for a while. He's currently living in Henderson, Nevada, because he got married last year and his wife got a job out there, so they moved. David has a new movie that will be coming out called Brutal Massacre: A Comedy, which is about the mishaps that occur during the making of an independent horror movie, and David plays the director. He's also apparently attached to do a film called "Nightmare Carnival". I have no idea what it's about or if I'd even be interested in seeing it, but I love the tagline!

For anyone not familiar with David, he's probably best known as the Dr. Pepper guy from way back when who sang the "Be a Pepper" jingle and danced in the commercials. He was also in "An American Werewolf in London", which I've not seen, but I've heard it's quite good. The song "Makin' It" was used in the movie "Meatballs" (an excellent movie, btw) and was also the title song for the short lived television show "Makin' It". Yeah, it was a "Saturday Night Fever"-type show, but that was an awesome movie, so why not use it as a springboard? I don't remember very much about the show itself, but I used to love David Naughton because he was so cute, and I just remember that Ellen Travolta played his mother. Here's some more information about the show.

David is still a pretty good-looking guy.

And for years now, music of the 80s (ok, technically, "Makin' It" came out in 1978, but it's still an 80s era song) has gotten a bad rap. Well, I'm not ashamed to say that I loved the music of the 80s. That's what I grew up on, and that's one of the types of music that speaks to me. I like lots of different kinds of music for different reasons. So, yeah, there was a ton of disco in the 80s, and it wasn't necessarily thoughtful or socially conscious and some of it could be repetitive. But so what? It was also fun! And it was great to dance to. So if you wanna have some fun dancing to it, come join me. If not, we're partying without you.

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