Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Election Day

91 - no
92 - no
93 - no
94 - yes
95 - yes
96 - yes
97 - yes

I'm not registered with any particular political party, so I have no say in the presidential race at this time.

If I had to choose a Republican candidate, I have no clue who I'd choose. I figure I'll take a look at whoever ends up getting the party nomination.

If I had to choose a Democratic candidate, I'd been undecided as well. But since I've recently heard things about Barak Obama that I really don't like, I think I'm rooting for Hilary Clinton now - not that she doesn't also apparently have positions that I don't like. If I actually had to decide, I'd do more research to see if what I've heard is true about both of them. Whoever actually does win the Democratic party's nomination, I'll have to look into that candidate and also the Republican's nominee and decide between the two candidates.

Lesser of two evils.

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