Monday, January 18, 2010

sharing my best friend

So I've previously mentioned acquiring a new best friend some years ago. And in the interim, I have introduced a number of friends to said new best friend, and everyone has seemed to get along swimmingly. And I've continued to introduce the new best friend to other friends.

Over the holidays, I was the conduit for introducing my new best friend to another friend, though it took a little time (and more than a little cajoling) to get the two together. The friend promised that the connection would happen today, and that she'd email me once she'd properly met the best friend.

Well, she was as good as her word. Here's the email I received from her tonight:

I think that I have found my new poison-- it went down smooth ( too smooth !). I dont think that i have enjoyed lychee this much !!

Oh, and to update, my new best friend seems not to be available at BevMo anymore. Sadness. But, the husband did find out my new best friend's new address, so anyone who wants to visit can go there. :)

Glad you liked it, Suki. I'm always happy when my friends like each other. ;)

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