Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Hot Tub Time Machine" and other movie trailers

The husband and I went to the movies today and ended up seeing 3 new trailers for upcoming movies.

I'd heard about "Clash of the Titans", and while I'd never seen the original, the cast for the new version sounded really good. The trailer looked awesome. I'm a fan of Liam Neeson, and when I heard he'd been cast as Zeus, that sounded perfect to me, and he looked great in the trailer. And since I'm now a fan of Sam Worthington, I presume he'll be terrific in this movie as well. Yeah, Medusa is also in the movie, so I'm going to have issues with that, but at least I know that going in.

Here's the trailer for "Clash of the Titans".

I'd also previously heard about the movie version of "The A-Team", and I'd approached it with real skepticism. I mean, 20+ years later, a movie version? Who's gonna care? And, with recent movies of old TV shows that completely disregarded what the TV shows were really about in the first place (yeah, I'm looking at YOU, "Miami Vice" and "S.W.A.T."), I didn't know what to think. Sure, I watched and enjoyed the TV show back in the day, but how was that going to translate to today? Well, surprisingly to me, the trailer looked amazing. It looks like they really did do a good job of recapturing the show, and Liam Neeson (yep, him again) looked incredible in George Peppard's role of Hannibal. Yeah, I laughed that Liam Neeson is going to be in movie theatres in two very different roles in a short period of time, but he looks like he's nailed both. The rest of the movie cast looks good too (they really did a good job of having the film actors bear great resemblances to the TV actors, and according to IMDB, there are going to be some familiar faces at least making cameos), so I'm actually looking forward to seeing the film now.

Here's the trailer for "The A-Team".

But, it was the trailer for a movie I hadn't previously heard about that really caught my attention. The film is called "Hot Tub Time Machine". It stars John Cusack and is about four friends who get transported back to 1986 by way of a magic time machine in a hot tub. Now, seriously, with that kind of premise and that title, you pretty much just have to go with where the movie is going to take you. There's no attempt to make a serious explanation for what happens - you really just have to give in and let yourself be taken. The timeframe of the mid-80s is something I remember fondly, and it was really funny because at one point in the trailer, they showed someone using their yellow Walkman - I totally had one of those, and I still have it. The husband didn't hear me when I said it during that segment, but after we came home, I showed him where it was sitting inside one of the cabinets. And I like John Cusack, so him being in the film is just a bonus!

Here's the trailer for "Hot Tub Time Machine".

It's gonna be a good time at the movies. :)

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