Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maleficent's castle

I've been a member of the Walt Disney Collector's Society for some years now, and there are a number of pieces in the Walt Disney Classics Collection that we have - what we call "big green boxes" because that's what they usually come in. It was recently announced that the Collector's Society is going away, but the Classics Collection pieces would continue.

Well, here's one piece that looks spectacular (though I'm not sure if it's technically part of the Classics Collection) - Maleficent's castle. And while the link I posted has a link to another page with a bigger, more detailed picture, here's a direct link to that page.

The piece itself looks terrific, but the sound element makes it even more intriguing. I'll have to see the piece in person first, but I'm thinking I might want this piece. The castle that I own and absolutely love is Beast's Castle, which the husband got me for my birthday some years ago.

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