Wednesday, January 20, 2010

stupid travel questions

Someone on a mailing list that I'm on sent around a list of questions supposedly gathered by an international tourism site of stupid questions being asked by people who will be visiting Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympics next month. Well, has debunked that list as having originated some time ago, with differing variations for the country and the occasion. But I still think the questions are pretty funny, whether they are real or made up, and I would expect that each of the questions has some truth to them as having been asked before.

On the mailing list, there was discussion about how people from other countries don't necessarily understand the geographical layout of the States or the proximities (or lack thereof) between various states and cities. One person posted that a relative from England was annoyed that they couldn't just pop over from Los Angeles to Cincinnati for the day to visit other relatives until they were told the distances involved. In many European countries, and even back east, traveling between countries and provinces and cities doesn't take a lot of time. I remember talking to a friend who lives in Boston about a day trip that she and her kids were taking. They were going to drive through another state to get to a third state to do some sightseeing and such. I was surprised she'd be going all that way, especially with young-ish kids, until she mentioned that it would be about a half an hour drive. Heck, I can barely get out of Los Angeles County with a half-hour drive!

Anyway, here's the snopes article. My favorite is the seventh question on the first list. :)

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