Friday, January 22, 2010

stranger in your hotel bed

OK, it's not *quite* as salacious as that, but it still amused me. I heard about this on the radio the other day, that a couple hotels in England are going to be offering human bed warmers to their clients. And no, "human bed warmers" is not a euphemism for something more shady. :)

My first thought is that you're in a hotel. If you're really that cold, why not just turn the heat up in the room? And do you really want a stranger in your room, much less in your bed, as you get ready to go to bed? Because it's not like housekeeping where they can do it while you're out of the room. You have to pretty much be there while they're in your bed because you would presumably be getting in the bed while their warmth is still in the bed. And do you really want to feel the warmth of some random stranger? I mean, I like the warm spot that the husband or our cat might make in the bed, but that's totally different.

And doesn't this potentially put the bed warmer at risk? It's not like delivering something to the room at the door or even going inside the room to do something, but to actually get in someone's bed? If it's a woman, I'd be concerned that someone might try to take advantage of her. If it's a man, maybe not so much, though that could still happen.

The person on the radio who was telling the story made the comment that unless the bed warmer is a hot chick named Trixie who's going to stay for a while, he wasn't interested. That amused me too.

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