Monday, January 11, 2010

more "Glee"

It's been announced that "Glee" has been renewed for a second season, not to be confused with the remainder of the first season that is still to come.

That's good news indeed, as I really like this show, and I'm hoping that the reveal of Quinn's real baby daddy and that Will isn't a baby daddy at all will wrap up those stories and see where it goes next. I was not fond of Terri's deception of Will, and Terri's character is drawn really poorly - she has no rooting value whatsoever, even as a villain. I hope they either flesh out her character or drop her altogether.

And of course, more cool songs to come!

But, I'm particularly interested in the tidbit that they're looking for new people for the show.

So, who's auditioning? :)

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