Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mother's Day brunch at the Disneyland Hotel

For the past several years now, we've had a tradition of having Mother's Day brunch with some family and friends at the Disneyland Hotel, held in their grand ballroom. They offer special brunches several times a year (Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas), and they really do spoil you for other brunches. They have a wide selection of food, from breakfast items to lunch items to dinner items, and the ballroom is very nicely decorated with flowers and such.

One of the tables, set for the next group of guests.

A closer look at the rose on the table.

There have been one or two occasions when we've had a little difficulty with getting our server's attention, but we had a terrific server this year who was very attentive to our requests.

The brunch is a good choice for our group since everyone can find a variety of food that's to their individual liking. And the quality of the food is first-rate.

In addition to the food, there are several photo opportunity locations where characters take turns coming out for people to meet and have their pictures taken. The backdrops of each station are very prettily decorated as well, usually themed to each set of characters.

A family has their picture taken with Belle - notice the surrounding decor.

One of the more spectacular backdrops is the coach from Cinderella, which can be rented for special events at the Disneyland Resort, but which is free to look at and pose with during the brunch.

A coach fit for a princess indeed.

This year, they also had another set, near where Snow White had her photo setting. I love the talons as the base.

Mirror, mirror, on the floor, who's the evilest to the core?

In recent years, some elements have been missing that used to be at the brunch. I particularly liked the fruit and vegetable carver because he would make the most amazing things. They also seem to have a much smaller selection of sugar-free desserts, a concern for those in our group who have to watch their sugar. They only had a couple of items available, and they needed to be requested for the server to bring out.

Still, brunch is a time to enjoy good food and good company, all in a leisurely relaxed environment. It's a tradition I very much enjoy.

I have posted a few reviews from some of our earlier visits to the brunch. Since not much has changed, I haven't posted any reviews recently, but the older reviews mostly still hold true.

Here's the 2002 review, which includes extensive pictures of the food, desserts, decor and photo ops.

Here's the 2003 review, which also includes extensive pictures of the food, desserts, the beautiful flower decorations, the entertainment available, some of the fruit and vegetable carvings, and the numerous photo ops.

Here's a very short write-up from 2004, mostly to show the amazing flowers and fruit/vegetable carvings.

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