Monday, June 29, 2009

little yappy dogs do appear to have SOME purpose

I am not a fan of chihuahuas. I don't find them to be cute, they have annoying little barks, and people for whatever reason seem to like to make weird movies with them.

But, I've been alerted to a few instances when chihuahuas actually served some useful purpose.

This story out of Oregon tells the tale of one chihuahua who saved another chihuahua from a cougar.

This story is more local, from Riverside, where chihuashuas trapped a mountain lion. Or a cougar. The link and the headline say "cougar", but the story itself says "mountain lion". I don't think cougar and mountain lion is the same thing, is it?

In any case, tiny little yappy dogs besting much bigger cats aside, I'm still not that fond of chihuahuas.


dodie said...

I'm right there with you. I don't think they're real dogs. I think they are large rats in disguise so people will like them and think they are something good instead of something disgusting. I still think they are disgusting.

JeffG said...

I'm pretty sure that "mountain lion", "cougar" and "puma" are names for the same animal. Doing a quick Google search, everything I could find indicated that are synonymous terms.