Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more "24" casting news

So yet more information about who will be in the next season of "24" has been released, and it also looks like CTU is being reinstated. I hadn't noticed on the last casting announcement that the "systems analyst" was for CTU, and not the FBI. Hmmm, guess it's not just the CTU servers that President Taylor approved to be brought back.

Joining the cast as head of CTU's Field Ops will be Freddie Prinze, Jr. I wonder if he'll end up running into this woman who is unlucky enough to constantly attract bad vampires and stuff. Oh, wait, never mind.

Also cast as another CTU analyst is Katee Sackhoff. Those who have been fans and followers of the new "Battlestar Galactica" (of whom I am not one) will recognize her as "Starbuck" from that show.

And, even better news that I hadn't noticed previously, joining the show as head of CTU New York is Mykelti Williamson. That's cool because I really like him.

The cast for this next season is looking great!

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Tim Castro said...

Sackhoff was also Bionic Woman 1.0 in the short-lived NBC drama from last season.