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"I Survived a Japanese Game Show" - June 24, 2009 episode

Nothing really in the way of culture experiences or acclimation to the new country in this show either - it was all about the challenges.

The Red Robots were pretty bummed about having lost both challenges in the last show, so they were raring to beat the Green Tigers.

The first challenge was called "Party In My Pants". Each of the teams had to be inside a giant pair of pants. 8 cannons fired tennis balls at them (and I mean "fired" - those balls were whizzing), and they each had plastic grabber arms (the kind where you close your hands into a fist and it makes the pincer at the end close and grab), and they had to pick up tennis balls and put them in the pants. Each team had 3 minutes, and whoever had the most tennis balls in their pants at the end won. The teams were kind of tethered to the middle, so they could really only move around so much.

Each team took their turn, and many of them were pelted with the whizzing balls.

At the end, there was the count:

Red Robots - 102 balls
Green Tigers - 104 balls

The Green Tigers won by 2 balls. They had beat the Red Robots in the very first challenge this season by just 1 bento box. The Green Tigers were very happy, and as expected, the Green Tigers were dejected, especially being on the wrong end of a close game again.

For winning the challenge, the Green Tigers won an advantage for the next game - which started immediately.

Both teams were dressed as ballerinas, in hot pink body suits and tulle tutus in the color of their team. The Red Robots were now really mad at having lost 3 times in a row and were really wanting a win.

Before the game started, Judge Bob came out dressed in a golf suit. He said that it was his birthday, so he was dressed in his birthday suit. Rome said that wasn't what a birthday suit was and promptly stripped Bob until he was down to his boxers, which he refused to let Rome pull down.

The challenge was called "Somebody Put Clothes on Bob". The goal was to dress a mannequin Bob. 5 articles of clothing were hidden in an area covered with flour. The items were a hat, tie, vest, shirt and pants. Each team member had to dig around the flour and look for a bag which would contain an article of clothing and then run up a conveyor belt going the other direction and dress mannequin Bob while running in place. However, there were other articles of clothing in the mix that didn't count. Each team member took their turn, and when they'd found an article and put it on Bob, they would tag out and another team member could tag in to search for another article of clothing. If someone fell on the conveyor belt, though, they were automatically out and had to tag out. Whoever got Bob all dressed first won the game.

The Green Tigers' advantage from having won the first game was a 5 second head start.

Each team member went through the challenge, and sometimes, they had trouble finding a bag, and sometimes, they found articles of clothing (like a bra) that didn't count. They put the articles of clothing on Bob as they were found, but that meant that if a tie was found first, that was put on, and then a vest was found, and then the tie had to be moved but not dropped while the vest was put on.

The Green Tigers had a lead, partly because of their head start, but then the Red Robots caught up. They were mostly tied for a while, but then the Green Tigers pulled ahead because a few of the Red Robots team members fell on the conveyor belt. The last item for the Green Tigers was the shirt, which Debbie found, so she had to make her way up the conveyor belt and stay steadily there, take off the vest and tie without dropping them, put the shirt on mannequin Bob and then put the vest and tie correctly back on mannequin Bob. She did a great job, leading the Green Tigers to a 5-3 win over the Red Robots. Yeah, the Green Tigers had the 5 second head start, but 5 seconds really wasn't that much, and they beat the Red Robots handily.

The Green Tigers were thrilled about their win and even more thrilled about their prize - they were going to visit the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium as the VIP guests of the Yomiuri Giants, and one of them would even be able to throw out the first pitch.

The demoralized Red Robots were even more depressed to hear about their punishment. It was also sports related, but nowhere close to what the Green Tigers would be experiencing. They were going to go to the largest driving range, and they'd be put to work.

The Green Tigers were taken to the stadium and were on the field during batting practice. When it came time to decide which of them would actually be throwing out the first ball, they didn't hesitate and picked Debbie because of her stellar performance in the last challenge. Before the game, they were all on the field and put on the giant jumbotrons, and Debbie didn't do particularly well with her pitch, but the crowd was supportive anyway. They all had a great time.

Meanwhile, the Red Robots arrived at the driving range, Lotte Kasai Golf, which had three levels of golfers hitting golf balls. 2 of the team members were put in a kind of enclosed mesh tent, and they went onto the driving range to round up the balls that were hit there. And yeah, their bright orange vests pretty much made them moving targets. 2 other team members were given the task of cleaning golf clubs, and the 5th person was given the task of cleaning the little mirror at each station that allowed the golfers to watch their own form while they swung a club. He had to ask each golfer in Japanese if he could clean the mirror, and of course, he would periodically mangle the Japanese, asking either inane questions or sometimes making lewd offers.

The Red Robots made it back to the studio first, and then when the Green Tigers arrived, they were still eating hot dogs from the stadium and kind of flaunting it at the Red Robots, which pretty much pissed them off.

It was then time for the Red Robots to choose two players for the elimination game. They decided to choose the two people who did poorly in the last challenge, which were Yari and Dan, who had both fallen on the conveyor.

The elimination challenge was called "Lotion, Lotion, What's the Commotion". Each contestant had to make their way through an obstacle course while lubed up with some kind of slippery liquid. They had to carry a torch thing through the course, and first up was climbing some mountains, then they had to carry an egg on their helmet and transport it intact from one point to another, and then they went through a lotion bath, and then they had to make their way over 6 sumo wrestlers lying side by side (that part was really weird), then they traded their torch in for a medal and had to make their way back in the other direction, minus the egg bit on the return round.

Yari went first, and she fell a lot, and it looked like she'd be very bruised from all the falling. Her trip over the sumo wrestlers was quite interesting, as she was grabbing them in places she probably shouldn't have, and she would often have her face right in their crotch areas. Her time to complete the course was 5:33.

Next up was Dan, who was quite tall and so tried to lower his center of gravity, and during the egg part, he was moving v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y., but then he pretty much raced through the rest of the course. He slid over the bodies of the sumo wrestlers (kind of swimming over them, though he did kick one in the face, it looked like). His time to complete the course was 2:36.

So, Yari lost in her second time in the elimination round. I kind of liked her, though her accent really bothered me, so I wasn't too sad to see her go. Bye bye, Yari. Great effort.

Yari Agramonte
Loud, outgoing and opinionated, this spunky Latina is the center of attention wherever she goes. This energizer meets Rosie Perez can't hold back on her emotions and will give it to you straight whether you want it or not, both in English and in Spanish! She's a little spark plug who brings her can-do attitude to everything she does, especially the games. This girl from the Bronx knows what she wants, will stop at nothing to get it, and she'll have the time of her life on the way to reaching her goals.
Age: 22
Hometown: Yarmouth Port, MA
Occupation: Accounting Clerk

The husband pointed out that one person from last season didn't come back this year - Tony. He was the dude who would periodically show up at the house to tell the contestants things, and he would make appearances when they went to their rewards and stuff, but that's all he really did. We kept wondering what was the point of him being there. I guess other people wondered that as well, because he's not around this season.

The preview for next week's episode looks pretty good - that human version of "Whack-a-Mole" looks awesome!

Hai, Majide!

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