Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zankou Chicken - restaurant review

I'd heard of Zankou Chicken before and knew that it was a chain of restaurants of some sort but didn't know much about it. After hearing more about it from people I knew, I decided to check out the menu, which is Mediterranean based and looked terrific, so a couple of weeks ago, I had occasion to try the Pasadena location.

The Pasadena branch is fairly unassuming and is just a storefront on busy Colorado Blvd. There is a sign that advertises the existence of a parking lot in the back, but we just found parking on a nearby side street.

The restaurant itself was a pretty good size, and it was busy on this Saturday afternoon. I looked through the menu choices, and I decided on the kebab combo plate, with the chicken and beef. And because I happen to love tabouleh, I also ordered a side of that. I think the husband ordered the shawerma plate.

On the menu in the restaurant, there's a sign that says kebab orders take a bit longer, so we took a seat to wait for our food. I'm thinking they don't cook any of what you order until you order it because it took a lot longer than I expected for our food to arrive. It was also quite busy in the restaurant, so that might have had something to do with the wait as well.

When our food was finally ready, I was surprised to see that the servings of the sides that come with the plates were *very* generous. And the side of tabouleh that I got was probably enough to serve four people, at least. I thought everything tasted good, but I ended up with about half my food left over, so I took that home and finished it for dinner on another night. The husband enjoyed his food, though I think he thought there was more grease at the bottom of the plate than he had expected.

I would definitely visit another location of Zankou Chicken again (the Pasadena location isn't particularly convenient for my everyday life, but it happened to be near another business I needed to go to that day), but I'll have to remember to go before I'm really hungry because it'll be a wait for the food to arrive, and I'll have to remember to order a smaller plate and not to order the tabouleh because the side portion is just too much.

Zankou Chicken
1296 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 405-1502

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