Tuesday, May 5, 2009

when pigs fly

So you can't listen to the news or almost any conversation without hearing people talking and worrying about swine flu. Well, the authorities have been working round the clock, and they think they've pinpointed how it all started.

Yeah, ok, so that picture's been all over the internet. I'm just joining the masses. It's pretty disgusting, but the baby and the pig both look pretty happy, so how bad could it be? And someone thought it was better to stand and take the picture rather than, oh, I don't know, STOP THE BABY FROM LICKING THE PIG'S NOSE.

If you're actually concerned about swine flu, here's a simple test to find out if you have it.

OK, all of that should pretty much tell you how I feel about all the hysteria surrounding the swine flu outbreak.

A few people on a Disney-related discussion board that I'm on have posted inquiries about whether or not Disneyland has made any official statement about the swine flu yet. Following was my response after a few of those inquiries:

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not understanding exactly what kind of "official statement" people are expecting from Disneyland. They're a theme park, not a medical service. The CDC has already made their recommendations on how best to protect oneself. If someone is *really* that afraid, then yeah, I suppose they should just stay locked up at home and avoid any human contact, and if someone is really that worried about getting infected, then no, I guess going into a really crowded public amusement place wouldn't be their idea of a good time.

There's no statement for Disneyland to make. They can't guarantee someone's safety and that no one at Disneyland will have swine flu, and they're also not going to say, "everyone should cancel their plans and not come to Disneyland".

Last week, a retweet came through on my Twitter feed that I really, heartily agree with.

90 ppl get the swine flu & every1 is wearing a face mask. Millions of people have AIDS but no1 wears a condom!

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