Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mark your calendars - July 8 brings the return of more Japanese wackiness

One of my favorite shows made its debut last summer, and it was called "I Survived a Japanese Game Show". It was crazy and wacky and a lot of fun to watch. It's a sort of mix of "Survivor" and those crazy Japanese videos that are so prevalent that show the craziest things being done by Japanese game show contestants. There are challenges and such, but social relationships also figure into it, and some of the rewards are really cool. I was hoping that the show would be coming back for a second season, and sure enough, it is. The second season of the show debuts on Wednesday, July 8, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Host Rome, house mother Mamasan, and Judge Bob are all returning for a second season.

What, you've never heard of the show? Well, here's some more information about it. You can also click on the "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" label on this blog to read my recaps from each of last season's episodes.

Just for fun, here was the casting call for this season.

And it looks like they have new mascots this year. Last year, they had green monkeys and yellow penguins.

This year, it looks like they have green tigers and ... and ... WHAT THE HECK IS THAT OTHER THING? A red monkey spaceman dude? I have no idea. Guess I'll have to see what they end up calling it on the show.

I can't wait! Hai, majide!


Sherry said...

YAY!!!!! I think you're right. It's green tigers versus alien monkeys. Or are those claws? Is that a lobster? They're wacky.

Sean Yoda Rouse said...

ABC's moved the start of the show up to Wednesday, June 17 at 9 PM (right after Wipeout).