Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Angels & Demons" - spoiler movie review

I had had no desire to see "The Da Vinci Code", but the trailer for "Angels & Demons" really caught my attention, so even though I've never read any of the books or had any interest otherwise, we decided to see this movie.

And I really enjoyed it. I was pretty tired going into the movie, and I knew that it was almost 2 1/2 hours long, so I was concerned that I'd have trouble staying awake, but I had no such problem. The time went by without me really noticing, and I was completely rivetted on what was going on screen. It was mostly a mystery with Tom Hanks' character having to figure out clues based on his knowledge of the Catholic Church and the Illuminati. It was all very interesting to me, especially the stuff about electing a new Pope and the Vatican archives, and it made me really want to know how much of all that was really true.

Tom Hanks did a terrific job, as did Ewan McGregor and Stellan Skarsgard, just to name the people I knew, but it was really a terrific ensemble effort.


Perky Mommy said...

I haven't seen the movie but I read a blog published by a rather "liberal" and "progressive" Catholic magazine. One of the priests there thought the movie was ok but there were a few factual errors that drove him nuts and his post basically was offering to serve as a consultant to Ron Howard on any future projects to avoid the errors. I can't tell if they were nitpicking errors or not but I can send you the URL.

Cindy said...

If you'd be comfortable posting the link here, that would be terrific. If you'd like to just send me the link privately, that's ok too. I'm interested in reading it. Thanks.