Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peeps - upscale!

A friend had mentioned that Lenox is coming out with a line of Peeps merchandise, which I find amusing to no end. They're pretty cute, though I'm happy to say that none of them scream "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS" to me.

This Peeps candy dish is pretty cute. That whole "fine china", "24 karat gold" thing kinda weirds me out though - I mean, that's fancy talk, and hey, this is a Peep!

This Peeps Easter tree is pretty cool with the different cute-shaped ornaments, but retail of $152? Are you kidding me?

The Peeps salt and pepper shakers are actually what I like best in the bunch since they're relatively simple but are, I think, the best use of the iconic chick and bunny, but $60 for salt and pepper shakers is just a bit too much for a cute joke, even for me.

Oh, and the chick tealight and bunny tealight? They look to me like they're bullet-ridden, and more than that, the bunny's belly is on fire internally. Just weird.

So, as much as I've liked Peeps, and I like the cool cheap stuff I've found at Target and Dollar Store and such, I think I'm going to pass on these much more expensive versions.

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Ilene said...

Chick tealight and bunny tealight...this is what happens when chicks and bunnies end up in the wrong neighborhood..