Wednesday, January 28, 2009

kittens cam!

So because friends seem to want to get me fired from work, they keep sending me links to cute animal cams. The latest one is a cute pile of kittens.

They are *very* rambunctious and so can provide hours of viewing enjoyment. Even when they're sleeping, they're really cute because they're just a pile of fur. And they don't seem to stay totally asleep for very long, because one will invariably get up to stretch or move to get more comfortable and then of course, the domino effect of the others awakening occurs.

I was kind of wondering about them being put in what looks like a play pen, with mesh on the side. Ummm, yeah, they know kittens can climb, right, especially with something so completely climbable as mesh? We used to have cats that would climb up our screen door to the back yard - drove my mother crazy. Cats are much harder to "pen up" than dogs because of that whole climbing and jumping thing. I have seen various of the kitties climbing out of their pen, so the people must not care all that much about absolutely keeping them inside.

I like the blue toy with the ball inside that the kitties can bat and then chase, and it's funny when they shove their paws through the opening, trying to get to the ball. It's even funnier when several of the kitties are engaged by the toy at the same time.

Of course, it's just as much fun to watch the kittens attacking and pouncing on each other!

If you get fired for watching this all day, it's not my fault.

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dodie said...

My favorite is watching them take turns playing "king of the hill" on top of the scratching post.