Thursday, January 15, 2009

the little blue lines don't mean what you think they mean

Some people don't understand why people drink decaf coffee. I will on occasion if I want the taste of coffee and want to make sure that caffeine doesn't affect my sleep like it seems to do now on occasion whereas it never seemed to have that effect before. I'm also not a coffee snob, so the taste of decaf coffee doesn't bother me.

But, I'm not really sure I understand the need for caffeine-testing strips. I mean, if you don't trust the people you're buying coffee from to give you what you've actually ordered, then I'm thinking you should buy coffee from someone you don't actually think will screw you over. And, really, let's say the strip detects something - what are you going to do, show the little strip to the business owner? What's that going to get you? They might just congratulate you. Or think you're hitting them up for a paternity suit - I like one of the comments on the article that the strip looks like a pregnancy test. And, it does have blue lines to show positive.

Well, you could always name the baby "Joe".

Here's the entire comment I mention above just because I think it's so funny. Yeah, so the person can't spell, doesn't do caps and is missing some punctuation, but funny trumps all that.

btw whos gonna sit around a cafe sticking home pregnancy tests into there coffee?

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JeffG said...

I could possibly see some value to this for someone who likes drinking coffee (or tea or cola drinks), but has to avoid caffeine for health reasons (pregnant women, for example). In cases like that, it could be important to make sure that restaurants don't make a mistake.