Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"The Love Guru" gets five nominations

No, not Oscar nominations - those don't get announced until tomorrow morning. "The Love Guru" got five Golden Raspberry Award nominations - better known as a Razzie.

Here are the nominations in the major categories and my comments on the nominations.

Worst Picture
Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans
The Happening
The Hottie and the Nottie
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
The Love Guru

I can happily say that I didn't see any of the six nominated movies. I read about "The Happening" - wow, what a stupid movie idea.

Worst Actor
Larry the Cable Guy, Witless Protection
Eddie Murphy, Meet Dave
Mike Myers, The Love Guru
Al Pacino, 88 Minutes and Righteous Kill
Mark Wahlberg, The Happening and Max Payne

I only saw one of the performances, and that was Mark Wahlberg in "Max Payne", and I actually rather enjoyed the movie and liked his performance ok, so I disagree with his nomination for that.

Worst Actress
Jessica Alba, The Eye and The Love Guru
The Cast of The Women (Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Meg Ryan)
Cameron Diaz, What Happens in Vegas
Paris Hilton, The Hottie and the Nottie
Kate Hudson, Fool's Gold and My Best Friend's Girl

I had wanted to see "The Women" because I really liked the original, but I never got around to it. The movie did get panned, so it looks like they didn't do a very good job of remaking the film. Guess I'll just watch the original again.

Worst Supporting Actor
Uwe Boll, Uwe Boll's Postal
Pierce Brosnan, Mamma Mia
Ben Kingsley, The Love Guru, War, Inc. and The Wackness
Burt Reynolds, Deal and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
Verne Troyer, The Love Guru and Uwe Boll's Postal

I *so* agree with Pierce Brosnan's nomination for "Mamma Mia". I have not made it a secret in the least that I really didn't care for his performance in the movie, at least in terms of his singing.

Worst Supporting Actress
Carmen Electra, Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans
Paris Hilton, Repo: The Genetic Opera
Kim Kardashian, Disaster Movie
Jenny McCarthy, Witless Protection
Leelee Sobieski, 88 Minutes and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

I really disagree with Paris Hilton's nomination for "Repo: The Genetic Opera". I really liked the movie, and I think she did a terrific job. OK, so it was a bit of typecasting, given the character she played, but I thought she pulled it off really well, especially considering how off-beat and twisted that movie was.

A few other random comments about extraneous nominations:

Nominated in the Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel were both "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull" and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". I know a lot of people didn't like either of them. I had my problems with Indy IV, but generally, I enjoyed it. And I *really* liked "The Clone Wars".

M. Night Shyamalan was nominated for Worst Director. I think they should just make that a lifetime award for him and be done with it.

And Worst Career Achievement is being given to Uwe Boll. No, I have no idea who he is. And yes, "achievement" is spelled incorrectly in one place on the website.

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