Sunday, January 18, 2009

hoping for a Pennsylvania civil war on February 1

Today is final playoff day in the NFL to determine which two of the four remaining teams will be playing in the Super Bowl on February 1, 2009. I'm not as excited by the game as I might be if any of the teams I really like were going to be there, but there's at least still some interesting things that could happen.

The first playoff game is between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals.


I'm rooting for the Eagles because I like Donovan McNabb, and I like the Eagles ok as a team. (And, really, a mighty eagle should have no problem taking down a tiny little cardinal, mean look on cardinals face nothwithstanding.) I won't be super disappointed if the Cardinals win, though, because Kurt Warner being their quarterback has its own entertainment value, but in addition to that, I'd also know that Matt Leinert is in the Super Bowl but is going to be spending it watching the game from the sidelines. That would just be funny enough to sacrifice having the Eagles in the game itself.

The second playoff game is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.


I'm rooting for the Steelers because they've been a great team, and it would be nice to see their resurgence. And I like Ben Roethlisberger, even if I can't spell his name. I really, really don't like the Ravens, so I will be really disappointed if they end up winning this game. (And yeah, ravens are powerful and mean, but up against steel - they should be out cold.)

So if everything turns out the way I want, that will set up the February 1 Super Bowl as a Pennsylvania civil war - Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh. McNabb vs. Roethlisberger - how awesome a matchup would that be!


Here's hoping this is what the Super Bowl matchup
will look like this year.

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