Thursday, January 29, 2009

LegObama - The Inauguration

I've mentioned before that I like Legos, right? I've only been to Legoland in Carlsbad (near San Diego) once, but I'm hoping to go back this year. I had a blast looking at all the cool mini-land stuff.

Well, guess what I found today?

Legoland is replicating the recent inauguration!

One of the pictures from the slide show that shows the scene.

How frickin' cool is that?

Yes, in case you were wondering, they're all made of Legos. Well, except for the people looking at the display and the grass and trees around and such.

The official Legoland website says that the display will be up through Memorial Day weekend. I'm hoping I'll be able to make it down there while the display is still up.


Sherry said...

V had sent me a video of them being made. I love that the outfits were changed to match what the ladies were wearing at the Inaugural.

Arielle said...

I LOVE it!!!