Monday, December 22, 2008

Rockapella - third scheduled show was the charm

So I went to see Rockapella at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip tonight. This was supposed to have been my third Rockapella show in little more than 24 hours, and I was so going to be a poseur in pretending to be a hard-core fan because of the three shows in such a short time span. And then stuff happened. And on Sunday, I really was anti-climatic because snow and other cold stuff caused Rockapella to not be able to get to Southern California for the 4pm and 7pm shows that had been scheduled at the Lewis Family Playhouse in Rancho Cucamonga.

But they got to L.A. last night and so the House of Blues show was still on. I had a great time, and the guys sounded great. I've discovered that I have the same problem with the Christmas show as I have during the regular show. When the question of "who's your favorite" comes up, the answer kinda depends on whether Kevin or John has just sung, because I really like them both but I can't decide, and when I hear one sing, I think it's that one, but then I hear the other one, and then I think it's him. Well, the same thing happened tonight with two different songs that each sang lead on, though I can't remember which songs they were. (And ok, if you read John's bio, you'll see a connection there that accounted for my initial interest in him, a sort of second-hand stalking, but my liking him really has to do mostly with his voice now, even though I'm dying to hear stories about his PC touring days, but I don't know him well enough to ask, and I think it would be rude to ask him questions because of someone he used to work with, and I've looked and looked, but I went through all my tour programs and cannot for the life of me find his name in any of them or I'd bring one for him to sign, but maybe he toured with PC before I started going.)

In the regular show, my favorite is a toss-up between Kevin singing "Under the Boardwalk" and John singing "My Girl".

Jeff, Kevin, John, Scott and George

So even though tonight's show was a Christmas show, I don't have footage of that, so instead, here's video I took from the September 2008 show in Las Vegas with part of "Under the Boardwalk" with Kevin as lead singer.

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Sherry said...

You don't have to pick a favorite, you know. You could be fickle like me. It's OK. :)