Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Darth, Darth, Darth"!

I was searching for some information having to do with the "Force Unleashed" game about a month ago and happened upon a particular discovery.

Sibling rivalry is something that most kids have to deal with. OK, unless you're an only child, because it would be weird in that case. Maybe you have a brother or sister who is smarter or more athletic or prettier or stronger than you. What if your brother or sister is more popular? What if your brother or sister gets awards?

If your brother was president of the United States, that could be pretty intimidating unless you were also a potential candidate at a later time, but then, we can't all be Robert Kennedy. What if you're Billy Carter instead, where your brother is president but you're really known just for beer?

Or maybe your sibling is just way more talented than you. What if you're Michael Phelps' brother, and you need to wear a floatie just to be in a kiddie wading pool? Or what if your brother isn't just a Sith but *THE* Dark Lord of the Sith, second in command only to the Emperor himself? Everyone knows him and fears him, but you just get no respect? Well, if that were true, then you'd be Chad Vader, Darth's less-talented, less-charismatic younger brother. And you don't have anything as glorious as a Death Star to command - you're just the day shift manager of a grocery store.

Darth can just mind-control any female he wants, but Chad has to arrange for a "meeting" with a co-worker. And Darth might have spies aboard the Death Star, but Chad doesn't know he's also about to be ambushed.

Fighting a bunch of scrappy rebels is nothing compared to having to manage the night shift.

There are many more episodes in this series. Just go to YouTube and search for Chad Vader.

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